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I'm going crazy
« on: 08 Jan 2003, 23:20:11 »
I'm going crazy... Either I've had a brain hemoraghe or maybe this topic is more complicated than I believed:

I want to change the SIDE of a CIVILLIAN into WEST or EAST. I want to be able to switch the SIDE of the CIVILIAN UNIT from EAST to WEST several times during the same mission.  

The reason is: I want to make  under cover missions. Missions where the surroundings react to a CIVILLIAN as an EASTern soldier or a WESTern equivalent in different situations.

How do I do it?

addrating and setCaptive commands works if I only want the enemy to start shooting at someone they normaly wouldn't fire at. But it makes the process of scripting and triggering fuzzy and unpredictable. There must be a simple solution. What is it??? Plz help ??? ???
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Re:I'm going crazy
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jan 2003, 23:28:54 »
Ah, I don't think there is.
The only way I know of actually changing the sides of a unit, is by "hacking" the mission.sqm file, which means you can't change it around during the game.
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Re:I'm going crazy
« Reply #2 on: 10 Jan 2003, 11:56:19 »
There is a soulution to this problem.

Assign the civillian to a west or east or resistance group then it will change from side automatically.


Create a west soldier.
Create a east soldier, in the initfield of the soldier write

GroupAlpha = group this; deleteVehicle this

Create a civillian  with the name civ1

Create a radio trigger with in the activation field

[civ1] join GroupAlpha

Then you will see that the west soldier will see the civilian as an east unit and the west soldier will kill the civillian.


I have tested it and it worked for me.
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