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two weapons
« on: 27 Aug 2002, 02:37:33 »
it would be really cool if you could have two weapons at the same time. and if you could dive left or right while fireing. please tell me if this can be done.
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Re:two weapons
« Reply #1 on: 27 Aug 2002, 13:22:59 »
Put simply;


the game engine won't alllow you to have more than one weapon at once and we can't make new animations.

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Re:two weapons
« Reply #2 on: 27 Aug 2002, 13:30:48 »
actually it ain't exactely like that, you can't make an addon with more than a weapon period, (at least not that I know) but and since there is always a but in every story  ;D ...
It's possible with some scripts to give a soldier two weapons, a sniper Riffle and an M4 for example, someone made that once and it worked pretty well, I'm gonna check to see if I find it somewhere in my CPU  ;)