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Map idea
« on: 24 Aug 2011, 19:37:57 »
Hi folks
Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this so if its not please can you move it to where it should go?  After reading a fantasic book on the battle for goose green Im eager to create as realistic the battle as i can but ive got one massive problem - I cant find any decent up to date maps of the falkland islands with correct towns, farm house's (important for the battle), roads & tracks.  How would i go about requesting (begging) someone or a team to make one with maybe a  modern day BAF taskforce (Navel "new BRIT aircraft carrier with frigets?) in the water as my base?  I would love to see this map.  The book i read was really fantasic & has spured me on with idea's.
Many thanks for reading this guys.

I forgot to mention that i can supply the map of the battle & the enemy strengh's & locations
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