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Setidentity and default identity
« on: 13 Sep 2009, 06:24:37 »
Quick question.  Im using the merc units by SchnapsdroSel, and the ability to add gas masks in game is great by using 'this Setidentity "gasmask_blah blah blah'.  I can also make each of my group members do the same.  I make it an action menu and it changes when I hit the corresponding action, cool right?  Now I wanna take off the gasmask and I know I need to use set identity again, BUT i dont want to have to pre-define them in description.ext or whatever.  I want a randomly generated one, like done when mission starts.  Or the very same random identity used before putting on the gas mask.  Is there a way to define the randomly generated default identity and save it before putting on the mask, that way call it with Setidentity an go back to the original after?  Is this even possible. 

Hah.  Try and figure that out!
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