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Official OFPEC ArmA review.
« on: 20 Oct 2007, 16:40:22 »
Hi chaps,

Apologies first if this is an irksome thread - I did try to find suitable information already on the forum but only found the thread about a competition review.

Guys I'd really like to be directed to a good thread on ArmA from the product perspective - if there is such a one on OFPEC yet.
If not - here's  simply what I'd like - some comparitive information ie - OFP Vrs ArmA.

I haven't yet bought ArmA - but I spy a nice one down in HMV - nicely priced also.
However - I'm shocked to learn that ArmA II may be out sometime in '08 so I'm now wondering - should I get ArmA or wait.  :confused:
So far - all I've been able to ascertain - is that the "same engine is used for ArmA, but its a different game".

If anyone could answer a couple of questions and also direct me to some good review or information on gameplay.

Basically I want to know what has improved over OFP - ok its a bigger map but what else?
Has the command interface improved in anyway?


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Re: Official OFPEC ArmA review.
« Reply #1 on: 20 Oct 2007, 16:51:53 »
This is a good one I found this review on the web.

Just in case anyones looking for some basic information before purchase.


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Re: Official OFPEC ArmA review.
« Reply #2 on: 20 Oct 2007, 21:00:30 »
Well, I've stopped playing ArmA a month ago and didn't buy Queens Gambit. I've lost interest for now because the official campaign and single player missions are below the official OFP quality. The infantry movement controls have become clumsy, aircrafts are harder to control but still not very realistic. Multiplayer came again without interesting official maps and is focused mainly on coop. It is crawling with cheaters.
Custom content like addons and missions still haven't reached the numbers of OFP and all the variety is missing for now.

The graphics have changed to new standards but they are very hardware demanding. Many customers found out that the next buy after ArmA is an uptodate system, don't trust the minimum requirements. But ArmA is reported to run more smoothly than OFP at high unit counts.
Some more script commands are available, and the AI is customizable now but there's still not much knowledge about it.
Tanks feature an independent MG on the turret, VTOL abilities are possible for planes.
Oh and the AI has been "improved". What has been added is the ability to kill you from far away with almost any weapon on the second shot in less than 2 seconds. Also they predict your movement pretty good now and shoot you through bushes with this wisdom.

The command interface is almost like before, though i think commanding a tank has become worse but maybe I should've read more in the manual about it (an online wiki).
Two more formations have been added and the squad bar on the bottom of the screen can be switched through up to 64(?) units.

Overall it's like vanilla OFP released a second time, still waiting for important patches and custom content to make it something good. By the the way I also lost my trust in any promises concerning ArmA II and it's release date.

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Re: Official OFPEC ArmA review.
« Reply #3 on: 21 Oct 2007, 05:34:29 »
See the BI forum - General section this is the best place to find out what other's are experiencing. Check the ArmA is Disappointing & ArmA is great threads. Then you can base your own opinions. You can also try the demo.

Closing this thread, as OFPEC isn't the place for this type of discussion nor does OFPEC doesn't have any intentions of releasing a comparison between ofp / arma, most are just finding out for them selves.   :D
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Re: Official OFPEC ArmA review.
« Reply #4 on: 22 Oct 2007, 14:38:19 »
Opps - Apologies for that Admin - I just noticed the small 'no questions about the game' print on the forum section title.
I wouldn't have posted in this section if I'd noticed that.
My bad.
Its just that I didn't see a section relating to gameplay or or the like - so I didn't really know where to post this thread on OFPEC.
As the BI board is the official forum for OFP/ArmA I'd naturally be reluctant to post anything that might become too negative about ArmA there.
Thanks for the pointers though - I'll check those out now.

Thanks also Trapper for that info.
Hmmm... my system should be able to handle an average Load ArmA wise - (P4 3.2Ghz 2gRam)
Bigger Island and more units and things has its appeal alright regarding mission design but...hmmm again...I'll see what their saying first over on BI.
30 quid (40$) is still steep enough for to take a chance.
I should have Broadband soon so I'll get the demo then.


Also they predict your movement pretty good now and shoot you through bushes with this wisdom.

LOL - it must be all that weirdo Psych-Op training they got since OFP.

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