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Re: The Forest
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Warning: Spoilers! If you are a new player dont read this review :no:

The Forest
by Mandoble

Review presented by NBRVieiraPT

Benchmark of 6848
OFP v1.96 modded with ECP v1.085e, Veteran mode, Super AI disabled.

Package: All fine here.

Readme: Fine, pretty straightforward.

Intro: NICE! Awesome intro, one of the best I have ever seen. Story was given great coherence and consistency.

Briefing: All fine here, simple and tidy. The sound was a nice touch.
Notes: Again, all fine. Nothing to add, really.
Gear Selection: As a grunt guarding an isolated forest it's perfect.

I started at the tent and quickly some green ghosts, at least that's what I think they were, came towards me. :blink:
Headed towards South to relieve Private Collins and couldn't stop wondering if I could really stop a ghost with a M16. :scratch:
Found the bloke, he was almost stuffting his pants. I relieved him and staid on my post as ordered.
Quickly heard some scary sounds coming from everywhere around me and the wind put down the fire but I stood still.
(I believe the sounds and all the creepy stuff should have a delay… the player just arrived to the post! :cop:)
However I was told to investigate what all those sounds were, so I headed straight South in order not to loose myself from the trail leading back to the post. I was walking lurking everywhere (yes walking, not running like John Doe) when some beast attacks me and apparently grabs my legs making me loose my rifle. Luckily it let me loose and I was able to pick up the weapon again.
Found the girls father next to a small house, with some paranormal activity that looked like a fire or something, talked to him and I was told that his daughter was alone in the woods crying and I was to pick her up.
Later found her crying near a fire and was told to go to the Southern forest, that she would open me a passage.
Ok, I guess. Healed on the fountain and headed through the new passage.
Went to the ruins and spotted the house where the girl was buried. She told me her story and a few seconds later some woodcutters tried to kill me with their Kozlices.
"Finally a firefight" - I thought.
With the passage once again blocked I need to find a way out.
Grabbed the boat and headed along the coast, however I felt asleep (nice touch there) and I hit the shore near the fountain.
Ran to the road that leads to the passage the girl opened for me, and pierced through the forest already filtering the first sunrays.
Passed by some spec ops blokes (another nice touch from the author, he really knows his stuff) and returned to the camp passing through the post.
Private Collins took me to the hospital in a Willys. Liked the way it ended.

Outro: Very nice! Liked it very much, and the ending was very smooth and coherent.
You really know your stuff Mandoble ;)

Final thoughts:
One of the best missions I ever played!
I haven't read the other reviews so I wouldn't ruin the atmosphere and the plot. And talking about atmosphere, even though I was never scared (I guess I am used to scary stuff :D) I must say this was the most atmospheric mission I ever seen.
No showstoppers, no bugs and in overall a neat piece of professional editing.
I would advise anyone that wants to try something in OFP to play this mission and enjoy. Just make sure you close the door, turn off the lights and have a good sound system. It will prove worthy in the end. (Talking from personal experience!)

Just a question: Have you ever thought about a career in directing? You really know how to tell a story ;)

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Re: The Forest
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Hi Vieira,
Obrigado for your nice comments and review, but your "Mission" review section already uncovers most of the story, it would be better to hide that info for any new player, or, at least, include an advice in bold fonts: "Do not keep reading if you want to finish the mission by your own"  ;)

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Re: The Forest
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Aye sorry mate :)
But I like to show the author what I lived in the mission so he knows if that is what he desired :P

Spoiler warning already put.  :check:

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Re: The Forest (Review please)
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you can safely delete your walkthru if you feel uncomfortable it being here. I've posted it to the reviewer.

Feel free to IM me if you have other issues.
Just say no to bugz

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Re: The Forest (Review please)
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This mission has been reviewed.
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