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A new Rebellion
« on: 08 Oct 2004, 02:52:18 »
A new Rebellion  (name chage needed, suggestions?)

place: St. David Island
player's side: resistance
2nd enemy: soviet communist forces+chinese (any chinses units? or should I use Nampack 2?)


St. David Island was originally a free state with the elders of the island holding power. No democracy, no communism. St. David Island is near Russia in the Pacific. Near the Arctic Ocean, not quite acrtic, but more of a New England season, if you know what I mean. Hot summers, inbetween springs and falls, and a cold batch of winters.

The Vietnam War has ended and its 1981, the world is emerging into a cold war. Communism is a threat to NATO and democracy. Both have nukes but are reluctant to start

However Russian troops invade St. David island after disagreements between the Soviets and the elders of St. David. During the occupation, everything was taken for the Russian troops, and when the resistance rose up and took 1/2 the island, Chinese allies of the Soviets came in and quelled the rebels.

The elders were killed and finally NATO responds, after driving out these forces with overwhelming power and a possible threat of nuclear war, the coalition of nations including U.S. (not in order casue of strentgh, all equal cause I don't want any political crap... ::)) France, England, Canada, Spain, and Germany. After driving communist forces away, the U.S. agrees to do peacekeeping duties. (not resembling Iraq,  ::))
NATO decides to enforce democracy on St. David and the constant occupation mirrors the Soviets.

THe leaderless youth have left the cities and decided to revolt to take back the island. Beginning with Chorley island, you're a grunt so far and you must take back the island and then start on the mainland.

Thobson suggested that after securing the island, maybe oil or some other commodity makes NATO or maybe the communist forces return. I was also thinking once the peacekeeping forces with only m113s and like 2 M60s gets overwhelmed, BAS deltas/Rangers get dispatched there, have fun. ;)

I was thinking that using Nampack for Chinese forces as the Soviets can't invade for fear of nukes from NATO or the USA. So we could have a three way battle for the island and commodity. No is friends. Res vs Chinese(east) vs NATO...

More ideas? I was hopin for a campaign.

St. David Island
BAS deltas/rangers

 :P ;D


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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #1 on: 08 Oct 2004, 19:18:34 »

Possible title: 180W Aftermath

1. Russians would never allow ( even allies ) to resolve their internal conflict. ( today's example Chechenya ) They have imperialistic ambitions and thay would loose honour by getting aid.

2. In the 80s, NATO wouldn't send its own forces directly on the Soviets. US would supply with arms the local militia like it was done in Afganistan or Iraq also in the 80s. ( Maybe an unofficial force could be sent, but a one that would not represent any of the coalition states [ fiction I know :P]

3. I think it would look like Iraq cuz their wont be well seen as "occupants"

Ideas: Have an intel guy on the local side, sum missions with him ;)

good luck mate

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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #2 on: 09 Oct 2004, 01:20:27 »
What about the name being Operation: Iron Island[/u]. Winston Churchill called the Sovet's Boarders an 'Iron Curtain'. With the Sovets trying to take St. D as thier own, their expanding the 'Iron Curtain'. Making the island thiers and covering it with 'Iron'.

Quick History lesson: Why was the Sovets assosiated with Iron?

Answer: look at their flag, a hammer and a sicle. Both made of iron.


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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #3 on: 09 Oct 2004, 02:34:22 »
Operation Iron Island? I like it but the island part I don't like much.

Iron assualt?
Iron Empire?


And Tomasz: thanks for the info on the countries there but I was thinking along the lines of the Vietnam war and Korean War where the Chinese came in and Russia supplied the communist nations with arms. It doesn't have to be very real, just bordering it.

In Korea or was it Vietnam? whatever, China helped and Russia supplied, now Russia invades to spread communism and China comes in to help so (my reasoning now, not all realistic maybe) NATO/USA does not use nukes and start WWIII.

Now its a complicated situation. Russia is gone. Nato is being fought by resistance and once expelled or almost gone, peace treaty is signed or something.

Now precious commodity (need commodity?) is discoverd and Chinese or Russian forces+NATO comes back.


THanks for the input, keep it coming, even to dispute the beginning again, I like new ideas. ;) :)


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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #4 on: 09 Oct 2004, 23:14:36 »
Title: Iron Outpost ( since its an island in the middle of the ocean) or Terrors of 180W

Commodity: Enriched Einsteinnium :thumbsup:

I would put it in the 70s

Some US corporation comes to the island and finds this commodity. They see a lot of financial potential ( the element has high energie capabilities or you can make up somethin u want ) so they sell the information to the White House for an annual income of 12 million dollars. US immidiately send forces to secure the area. Meanwhile there is a leak to the USSR about the commodity so USSR sends troops as well. The conflict is unofficial, so there is no media connections and the local population is cut out from the world. No-one knows about the terrors of 180W.



P.S. Have you already bagan on the project? Do you have a team?


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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #5 on: 11 Oct 2004, 04:08:31 »
Hmm eistienium, can't spell it, I'll have awesome briefings! ;D

Iron Outpost sounds good.

I think the campaign or project or whatever will resemble what you said with some little stuff I put in. lol now I dunno where to go with this, its hard to ask others to come up with missions for an addon island...

TO THE BETA TESTING BOARDS!!!  (insert hokey batman music here) :D :D

Anyways I'm kinda being a little slow on everything OFP, maybe the winter will get me some free time. Right now its so hard to find time to do anything, especially screw around on St. David island for four hours.... ::) ;D

And no team and I'm about 1/3 through the first mission. Basically I haven't worked on this in about a week. Man, that's sad. :'( :'( :'( ::)


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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #6 on: 11 Oct 2004, 20:43:32 »
Have you rethought joining the Civil War Campaign team -> AGP?




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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #7 on: 11 Oct 2004, 22:20:48 »
Yes join us GRK join us  ;D  ;D You know you want to. Join. Join. JOIN.


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Re:A new Rebellion
« Reply #8 on: 11 Oct 2004, 23:59:46 »
C'mon now, I'm all for you cults with your spiked punch, but have some decency, no advertisin in my thread. lol :D

I'm talkin to Tomasz... 8)