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[ArmA] Anti aircraft Flak Script by Supr3me Kill3r

Version 1.0
Added 10 Aug 2009
Downloads 886
Demo included Yes
Filesize 3.41KB
User rating 4/5

Script that takes an anti aircraft battery (shilka, vulcan, m2, whatever you want) and uses it to fire flak into the sky.

The script simply takes a unit such as a shilka, and orients it to face psuedo-targets (targets are not actually created, so theres no interference with other AI units to target them) and then the unit fires at that direction. You specify the radius for which "targets" are randomly created, and the height for the unit to fire at. Right now its set up so that the unit will fire and then change direction while firing, creating an effect of spraying the sky with triple-A fire, instead of  just firing in a straight line.

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