[ArmA] Texturing How-To for Armed Assault by Soul_Assassin

Version 1.0
Added 12 Nov 2008
Downloads 1699
Demo included No
Filesize 2.36MB
User rating 4/5

Basic texturing tutorial for ArmA using Photoshop. PDF format.

"A few words before I begin. This “how-to” was conceived as part of the on-going Russian Airborne Armor Project (armavdv.blogspot.com). The project serves as a independent, unofficial base for learning and educating others of modding possibilities of Armed Assault through completing a stand-alone add-on pack. The author would like to point out that the purpose of this document is to share ideas and to encourage experimentation in the field and should not be regarded as a "do-this-or-die" kind of lecture."

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