[ArmA] Cold War Rearmed Demo by CWR Team

Version 0.36
Added 11 Nov 2008
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The ArmA: Cold War Rearmed (CWR) modification is a collaborative project with BI and community fans to bring the ever popular Cold War Crisis campaign and content into ArmA (1.09 or higher).

Key features:

  • * Original OFP islands taking advantage of the new texture and vegetation enhancements

  • * New vehicles from the Cold War era

  • * New units textured in the Cold War era style

  • * OFP-like UI design

  • * The whole CWC campaign

  • * All OFP single- and multiplayer missions from


This Demo version is a preview of the Cold War Rearmed mod. It includes:

  • * Malden island

  • * The OFP User Interface

  • * Completely new US and Russian soldiers from the 1985 era

  • * A new BMP-1 model

  • * New and converted buildings and plants

  • * Music files from Operation Flashpoint

  • * Jeep from OFPE

  • * AT-4 Fagot, AT-4 Carl Gustav and M-72 LAW Launchers from OFP

  • * M60 MG from OFPE

  • * Two SP demo missions and four MP bonus missions It also includes some content from ArmA: Armed Assault:

  • * UAZ

  • * Ural

  • * 5t Truck Open

  • * M113

  • * T-72 * ZSU

  • * UH-60

  • * UH-60 with MG Download also the hotfix file from: Hotfix These files were inadvertently excluded from the main download.


2007 Bohemia Interactive and the Cold War Rearmed team. All rights reserved. ArmA: Cold War Rearmed is distributed under the same conditions as the original game. See the EULA for ArmA: Armed Assault for more information.

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