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[Arma2OA] RTM Animation Tutorial by Gnat

RTM animations files determine both the position of limbs in many of those "poses" that are found ingame and any "fidget" movement the AI might do.
Examples are Cargo and Pilot poses for AI or players sitting in Aircraft.

[Arma2] AH64 & missions_ew.pbo (Missing addons) by Bohemia Interactive

This pack contains the AH64.pbo and missions_ew.pbo + their bisigns, which might have gone missing if you accidentally used a beta uninstaller that came with one of the latest beta patches. Simply re-add them to your Arma2/Addons folder and you're good to go!

[OFPRes] MakeFaceAddon by GoldGazelle

Instructions and examples to create face addons

This tutorial is to show the basics of how to animate a section of a vehicle model with a USER action.
Specific subject pictures are a aeroplane ramp, but any vehicle can have similar.

[Arma2] Kegetys ArmAII Game Launcher by Kegetys

Just like the game launcher from ArmA, this version for ArmAII lets you mix and match your mod / mod folders at time of launch as well as join MP servers etc

The ArmAII version has 1 extra nice feature: There is an "Auto Scan" feature that lets the tool find the Mod folders for you. (They have to have a @ at the front of the folder name)

Released long ago, but seeming lost for a while.


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