Direct Links to GamePark Addons

By savedbygrace

If you've ever made the effort to provide a link to an addon from in your beta mission thread, only to discover later that the link no longer works properly, then this tutorial is for you.

This tutorial will show you how to direct link to any addon, SP or MP mission there with no worries that it will ever fud up later.


Navigate to the addon that you require to be linked in your mission thread. In this tutorial, I am using the Private Military Contractors addon as the example. Shown in figure 1

figure 1



Press the download button that is in bold to the right of the addons image. It doesn't matter if it's FTP#1 or #2 so long as it works. Pressing that button will bring up the file download window as seen in figure 2. Make a note of the name of that file. In this example, it's ardvarkdb_PMC.rar


Figure 2


Scroll down to the sites "Search Function" located on the left sidebar, just above the screen of the week image. Select "Addons" from the search area drop down field. Then type in the name of the file that you noted from your addon. In this case, it is ardvarkdb_PMC.rar as seen in figure 3. Press the search button below it.

figure 3

Figure 3


The search results will produce a link to go directly to the addons source, as seen in figure 4. Click on the result to get the addons page.

figure 4

Figure 4


Click in the white address bar above the page as seen in figure 5.

figure 5

Figure 5

It should highlight the whole address with blue. Press control + C to copy the address and then paste it into your mission's beta thread using the Insert HyperLink function(That's the little planet earth with a page icon). It will automatically insert the code in figure 6.



Figure 6

To make your link look good, you can paste your URL within the first bracket of that code following an equal sign and insert the name of the addon between both brackets. See figure 7 below. This will display the name of the addon without showing the ugly address.

[url=]Private Military Contractors[/url]

Figure 7