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Owned by: The Chain of Command
Registered by: walker on 30 Apr 2003

Information OFPEC also hosts the [url=http://www.ofpec.com/editors/CoC.php]CoC Command Engine[/url].
Website http://www.thechainofcommand.net
Community Activity Research into strategic battle simulations using OFP
Speciality Scripted MODs that add to OFP game play. Long term goal: To Develop a dynamic and realistic battlefield for platoon / company / battalion-sized conflicts within Operation Flashpoint by advancing the Operation Flashpoint game engine to its max.
Recently completed CoC Mines (AP mines and Claymores)
The Command Engine 2 v1.22 (Strategic Command Interface)
CoC Torpedoes (Includes Nuke)
CoC Divers (Swimming in OFP)
CoC Network Services (MP Mission Makers Suite)
CoC Unified Artillery (True Indirect Fire)
Work In Progress CoC Logistics
CoC Tactical AI Enhancement
CoC Strategic AI
CoC M224 Man Portable Mortar
CoC Cruise missile (UA Plug in)
Command Engine 3

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