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Owned by: Cytreen Spiegel
Registered by: Cytreen on 16 Nov 2011

Information n/a
Website www.taskforce88.com
Community Activity BIS Forums
Speciality n/a
Recently completed 15th ACE Fallujah Insurgency [v0.4se]
15th ACE Takistan Insurgency [v1.01se]
CYS ACE MSO OPS Takistan [v0.0.25]

None Arma
MX vs ATV Unleashed - Real Physics/Enhanced Physics mods - Author and Main Developer.
MX vs ATV Untamed - Consistent.
Planetside 2 - Hexagon resource meta-game designer. Concept originated late in Privet tech testing before games release. It was never implemented due to PS1 population shortcomings.
Work In Progress CYS ACE MSO OPS Fallujah [v0.0.2]
CYS ACE MSO OPS Esbekistan [v0.0.1]
CYS ACE MSO OPS Clafghan [v0.0.1]
CYS ACE MSO OPS Reshmann [v0.0.1]

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