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Owned by: OperationFrenchPoint
Registered by: bobmoran on 29 May 2003

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Community Activity French mod for OFP
Speciality This mod wants to offer Operation Flashpoint's players a "French touch" on addons, missions, as well as many informations, with the will of fidelity and realism. Hardcore gamers you are welcome !
Recently completed Weapons pack:

FAMAS F1 and ammo
Minimi and ammo
Eryx and ammo

Infantry pack:

Patrol Officer
Patrol soldier
Minimi gunner
Eryx soldier
Medic soldier


Sarin War (demo pack 1)
Work In Progress Armes 2.0 (weapons pack 2.0)

It will feature up to 14 differnet weapons, including :
- Famas F1 Assault Riffle
- Famas Infantry Assault Riffle with a CompML2 Aimpoint
- MAC 50 Handgun
- PAMAS G1 Handgun
- Minimi Para Machinegun
- ANF1 light gun machinegun
- ANF1 heavy gun machinegun
- FRF2 sniper riffle with Scrome J8 optics
- PGM HecateII heavy sniper riffle with Scrome LTE optics
- Luchaire AC58 antiarmor gun grenade (to be used on the Famas F1)
- Luchaire APAV58 antipersonnel gun grenade (to be used on the Famas F1)
- ABL anti-armor rocket launcher (AT4CS)
- Apilas heavy anti-armor rocket launcher
- Eryx missile launcher
- 3 hand grenades (fragmentation LU-213, concussion AL-1, fragmentation AL-2) but they will only be effective in single player mode, as the OFP engine doesn't accept custom hand grenades in MP.
- TRC9200 radio system and its antenna.

Infanterie 2.0 (infantry pack 2.0)

It was completely debugged. The "fixed face" problem on the patrol troop is over, as well as the white areas on the belt of the troop at some distance, and the handgun fire bug.

Added :
- some new features like the implementation of hidden selections which allow to add various marking like ranking or company markings !!
- 9 new units.. to be simple : section leader, yeam leader, radio operator, "Grenadier Voltigeur", sniper, Minimi machinegunner, ANF1 machinegunners, Eryx soldier, Apilas soldier, ABL soldier, medic, etc...
- implementation of the combat groups (at least 5) matching real french organisation at best without killing the gameplay

Air 1.0 (air pack 1.0)

SA-341 Gazelle canon (gun)
SA-342 Gazelle Hot (anti-armor)
SA-342 Gazelle Mistral (anti-air)
SA-330 Puma
SA-330 Puma with rappeling device
SA-330 Puma Pirate

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