OFP Multiplayer Missions (6)

[OFP] Raining Blood (1.0) by Chrispy

Reviewed by NightJay0044 - 4/10
17 Jan 2009 | 2 comments | 740 downloads

You are a west side player in a sector control mission. Grab your team and defend your sectors.

[OFP] Trip to Hell Part 3 (1.1) by Chris Death

Reviewed by Mitrokhin - 8/10
27 Aug 2007 | 0 comments | 1594 downloads

You and your men were sent to the island Nogova, to confuse the Russian troops. If your mission succeeds, they will concentrate their main force on the western part of the island. This will enable our beachhead on the southeastern part of Nogova. Also, there are some imprisoned Resistance soldiers who need to be rescued. If you fail in rescuing them, our whole campaign will get stuck, because we need them for further operations there. Once you arrive at the extraction point, a UH-60 chopper will move out to get you back to your base.

[OFP] Volcano (Final) by Artak

Reviewed by The Phantom Reviewer - 8/10
27 Aug 2007 | 0 comments | 2086 downloads

A disaster has taken place in war torn Kolgujev. The volcano at the center of the island has erupted and the whole island is in chaos. Your US team was on a regular mission when this happened. You have no idea if anyone else survived, it's raining rocks and ash. Your only hope is to get out alive.

[OFP] Highlands (5.0) by Tactician

Reviewed by Hudson - 8/10
27 Aug 2007 | 0 comments | 1322 downloads

Expect some heat this morning. Three critical areas of Western Malden are in dispute. Capture all three flags and hold them until we can get the tactical edge in the area. More info when you reach the camp.

[OFP] Dead by Dawn (1.0) by Toadlife

Reviewed by Ozzie - 8/10
27 Aug 2007 | 0 comments | 1893 downloads

Quietly lead a four man team of Black Ops onto a Russian airbase, and with the help of air strikes, do as much damage as possible. (Version 1.0 - SP and Coop versions included).

[OFP] Yokels Salvation (1.0) by MI_Fred

Reviewed by Artak - 9/10
27 Aug 2007 | 2 comments | 1342 downloads

Russia has invaded a Finnish-habited island. And what ensues? The best of the worst, angry old-timers put on their Jussi-paita, stick knives in their sheaths and go on a rampage.

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