Arma2OA Single Player Missions (3)

[Arma2OA] Balota Highway (1.7) by SaOk

Reviewed by mathias_eichinger - 9/10
11 Apr 2011 | 0 comments | 965 downloads

Lieutenant Jim Smithers is leading a challenging midday operation in order to capture an old allied airstrip back from insurgents. With limited manpower  but good weaponry, will they manage to clear the coast for reinforcements in time or is it time to get beaten by insurgents endless counter-attacks and guerrilla tactics?

[Arma2OA] The Battle Of Zargabad (1.5) by SaOk

Reviewed by mathias_eichinger - 9/10
20 Feb 2011 | 1 comment | 1359 downloads

Fighting between the Takistan Army and UN peacekeepers have broken out in Zargabad. US/GB reinforcements are facing heavy resistance before reaching the city from the south. Only Echo13 arrives in time.

[Arma2OA] Guardian (1.00) by nominesine

Reviewed by Zipper5 - 4/10
03 Nov 2010 | 0 comments | 285 downloads

With your Engineer team, escort a UN convoy through the insurgent-filled Shapur e-Dalanper to a shelter on the other end of the city, finding and disarming mines planted to hinder the convoy's advance. Playable in both single player and multiplayer.

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