[OFP] Too Young To Die by netTrucker & Toy

Too Young To Die by netTrucker & Toy

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Type Campaign
Player side West
Island Malden
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 31.67MB

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Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 0
Briefing - 0
Camera - 0
Scripting - 0

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27 Aug 2007





Do you like tough missions? Do you like missions that have you playing for several hours? Do you like missions that come up with surprising twists mid-game?

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Review by Shadow=ASP=




There are some.




1st mission:Basicly you're on patrol at Sain Marie, Malden (actually you're only sitting on your butt in a barn at night). Soon after you're told to board a truck, Destination "Deep Coast". For now Deep Coast does'nt mean much to you, but this campaign will come full circle. This mission is very tough for being the first mission in a campaign. It is also one of the longest (about 2 hours if you're careful and thorough). You will spend alot of time running and crawling from bush to bush while memorizing enemy tank-patrol patterns and timings. This mission also feature a surprise near the end. Very nicely made, but too difficult for being the first mission. Did I mention the mission start out at night and you don't have any NVgoggles? No? Well, now you know. Better find some off a dead body as soon as possible. 2nd mission: In this mission you have been assigned as door-gunner aboard a UH-60 Blackhawk. Reason being your allies are running low on helicopter-crew. It is supposed to be a regular get in and pick up some troops mission, but due to an oddly placed BMP this mission does'nt really work as intended. You will have a BMP sitting at your pick-up point, just waiting for you to touch down (design flaw). If you stay in your helicopter as your told you will become one with the angels. I had to get out of the helicopter and just run as far away as possible. Oddly enough, the BMP only wants to target you and not the helicopter. The helicopter will complete its mission and return to base while you're on foot, running back. When you're back at base the mission is far from over. Now your real mission begins. Its again time to look for a pair of NVgoggles (preferably for the entire team you've just been assigned). You will again also be able to practice memorizing tank-patrol patterns and sneak around deep inside enemy territory. I have one hint for this one: Bring Mines and Satchels. Lots of Mines and Satchels. 3rd mission: This is the second shortest mission in the entire campaign and the second mission in the entire campaign to last under an hour. Actually only about 20 minutes really. Now you've been assigned to CP/G duty for a AH-1 Cobra. Again, the reason is your allies are running low on helicopter-crew. This is also the second easiest mission in the entire campaign. Basicly you just point the gun on anything that moves and let'er rip. The only factor making this mission somewhat challenging is the AI's inability to fly a helicopter steadily and where you want it to go. This is one of the few missions with nice weather and clear skies. 4th mission: Another somewhat easy mission (Wow! two in a row). You've been assigned guard duty at Malden airport and awaiting the last truck with civilians. Its supposed to be a simple wait for the truck then board the last Chinook off this island, but as the truck shows up you start hearing Hinds in the distance. This mission also features a (very nasty) surprise at the end. 5th mission: This missions features probably the most chilling and exceptionally good voice-acting I've ever heard in a OFP-mission. Hearing your own character thinking out loud while you're in the current state that you are at the beginning; unable to move...Very chilling and great for the atmosphere. In this mission you have to time your movement at the start. If you don't know how, then you will soon learn. A very challenging mission that will have you constantly on your toes untill you finnish it. Lots of armour-patrols, nowhere to hide and generally a tank-massacre mission (and a few soldiers just to make it even more interesting). This is the most challenging mission so far and it will take you some time to complete it. Actually it will take you some time just to stay alive right at the beginning. Fortunately, the mission author was kind enough to give you 3 manually used quicksaves via the radio-menu. Good Luck. You'll need it. 6th mission:So you're back on Deep Coast again, only this time you're looking at it from the sea (and every possible machinegun looking at you). This is a run off the mill assault the beach mission. But its a nicely made one. Not too many snipers, but they are well hidden. And as fate has it, it is getting dark and.... Yep, you've guessed it! No NVgoggles here either. As usual, once you're first objective is complete, you will be assigned another one. As soon as you've taken back Deep Coast you're going T-80 hunting on foot. Actually, that's not entirely true. You do get a stuff-magnet (also known as M113 Personell Carrier) and a Jeep with a machinegun. So I suggest you do this the hard way by lurking around on foot, placing mines and satchels. 7th mission: This is the shortest mission in the entire campaign. Its dark, practically no viewdistance and no NVgoggles (so what else is new?). You're assigned patrol duty near an enemy crash-site where a Rook (SU-25 Frogfoot) went down. You're going in to investigate but it turns out you're not alone... 8th mission: This is the toughest mission of them all. Actually I think it is the toughest mission. Frankly, I would'nt know for sure. I just happend to die at the beginning all the time so I never managed to complete it. This is also the only mission not set on Malden. This is Desert Island with lots of open space, some compounds made with the editor-update addons and not much else. Very nice use of these addons too. Too young to stop typing now... The campaign has no ending-cutscene, just a credits-scene. It would have been nice to see a cutscene that explain how this campaign ends. But the end-credits specificaly points out "maybe this campaign will be finnished in the future". So who knows? Maybe there will be a follow-up on this rather touching story about a man loosing alot of his friends and allmost dies (twice). There is no uber-advanced scripting in this campaign and the camera-work is average, but it gets the job done and carry the story forward just nicely. This campaign is living proof you don't need advanced scripting to make perfectly enjoyable missions. I think its important to note that the 6th mission (Operation Deep Coast) made it to the TOP10 in Bohemia Interactive's mission design contest. Some of the missions are awefully long. Wether this is a good or a bad thing I leave up to you to decide.




Good - Voice-acting for every message - Good, easy to follow plot - Excellent use of addons (no un-needed - Some custom music used - Some very long missions Bad - Only basic scripting - No AI enhancement - Average camera scripting - Some objectives are'nt explained clearly enough - Some very long missions

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