[Arma2] Resistance by DaKa

Resistance by DaKa

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side Independent
Island Chernarus
Time of Day Day
Weather Rainy
Filesize 1.54MB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2 v 1.04
Addons None

Overview - 8
Briefing - 8
Camera - 8
Scripting - 7

User rating


10 Sep 2009





Player takes on the role of a high ranked NAPA leader and with the assistance of a sniper team, makes a visit to an enemy tank depot in Pusta with his squad.

Review by SaOk


The overview looks high-class with a sharp and colorful picture of the target village with enemy soldiers. Text part also fits in perfectly with the main objective.


The intro tells quickly where the mission name came from. Cinematic footage and borrowed voices instantly revive memories from the OFP "resistance" campaign. Camera angles and the whole setting were very well done and made me eager to get straight to the mission.


The briefing is convenient with compact information. It offers a clear situation report and plan with intel information and pictures of the targets. Map view illustrates the whole operation with great looking marker drawings. Player is also able to choose his/her gear from a selection that reminds of the side.


Stepping into this mission, brought me back to my experiences in the OFP days. The mission begins in a moving truck with familiar radiochatting that really raises the immersion. After a short drive to the infiltration point, the journey to the target village on foot is short too but without a compass, the map comes into use more than once.

In short order, there is a good view of the target zone and patrolling units that have left unguarded spots everywhere. Its almost too easy to sneak into sheltered positions and ambush enemy with aid of a sniper team. With higher difficulty setting the battle could easily turn upside down but with some successful squad commanding, the final task becomes a surprisingly fast walk in the park.


The outro continues the great intro quality and adds interesting story telling captions to end the mission in a proper way.


This mission features great cinematics and voices from the OFP addonpack - "Resistance". Other than that, this mission takes a simple approach to a short runway which ends too soon to be used many times again.


A good simple OFP style mission with relatively short playtime. Would be better as part of a bigger campaign.

You can view the beta thread here.

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