[ArmA] Special Brass by Goon

Special Brass by Goon

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Coop)
Player side West
Island Rahmadi
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Clear
Playable slots 12
Respawn/Revive Respawn
Filesize 47.58KB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.14
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 5
Camera - 4
Scripting - 5

User rating


25 Nov 2008





Make a quiet insertion, rescue 3 hostages, blow up the ammo cache and escape!

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Review by Hoz


There is a short cut scene as the mission begins, it is very basic it includes just a short pan over the top of the town.


There are 6 clearly identified objectives in the plan section. A picture is included, its kind of an image identifying that the briefing is classified. There are no weapons in the selection pool, you're equipped with silenced weapons, after all the first part of this task is stealthiness.

There is some unnecessary information in the notes screen that would of been better placed in a readme.  A bit of self promotion never hurt anyone but I like to see this within the readme instead of the briefing.

There isn't anything special with the lobby, but I thought I would mention that the mission is using group respawn, so if you take along the AI you do have respawn positions available to you, even though the author indicates there is no respawn. Take care in ordering the AI around, the AI get a little sloppy trying to find their formation, and you can quickly fail the first objective if you don't take care, resulting in the mission ending in the first minute of play.


The task at hand is to clear out Rahmadi, the town is small to begin with, so you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of units Goon has packed into this small area. Many of the civilians are well place... hidden away ready to pouce on any small movement. 

When a mission boasts 12 player slots, you immediately think you're going to be part of a super tough battle. Not the case with Special Brass, the mission was easily beatable with 3 average players with or without the AI tagging along for those extra respawns. You just need to take care and work together as a team. 

We had some thrills trying to release the captives, you just need to get close enough to let them go, no trickery here with the action menu which was a nice change, nothing worse then getting gunned down trying to scroll through that menu. The captives are easy to find, they are clearly marked on the map. Perhaps one of the author's down fall here is that he didn't design the mission so that the captive positions were random. This would of helped in increasing the replaybility factor in this mission.

One word of caution is that the ammo cache objectives triggers didn't always work when destroyed. Not the fault of the authors, you just need to make sure you use enough explosives to do the job.


There isn't a whole lot that is special about this mission, it would be classed under the no frills type in my opinion.  Special Brass is a fairly simple mission with heaps of action.  There is a lot of unexpected unit placements, but the replayability factor is on the low side and would be perfect for the new comer to Armed Assault.


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