[OFP] Eviction by Schuler

Eviction  by Schuler

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Malden
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 405.78KB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 6
Briefing - 7
Camera - 8
Scripting - 6

User rating


14 May 2009





Rangers lead the way in a daring assault on enemy towns occupied near the airport which they must guard. 

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Review by NightJay0044


The overview had a nice picture to it with some good explosion visuals in the back; it had a border and was good to understand about the mission itself.


The Russians definitely show their authority by how they treat the civilians. They're really occupying the town of Larche.  

The end pops it off with a very welcome scene of BMP's coming into the town of Larche. The camera angles don't mess around with any environmental parts such as trees or houses.  The author is able to avoid these mistakes here. 

You're dealing with some pretty nasty Russians in this mission.  The objective targets were good in their rotations.  There was music in the scene, just your basic OFP music.


It has markers giving the location of the airbase and the enemy town. The rest of the information is about the mission and intelligence.  You are able to choose your own weapon in the weapons selection.

You need to watch out for civilians in the town of Larche. You may hit them with a grenade or a bullet.  The briefing has a couple of objectives, take the town and go to La Trinite.  There aren't any links for the objectives.  You do get the option of saving the game unlimited times and the evac call is on there for later in the mission. 


Put on your combat uniform and prepare for some serious action in this one.  The enemy is well placed and flanking maneuvers are used by the enemy.  The use of camera scripting during the mission on the first objective is a really nice touch.  The defensive flares were very proper to this mission. 

The insertion was good.  You started off by chopper and landed in enemy zone by chopper. Watch out for yourself and your team in the town of the exploding BMPs because they may be a hazard.  The mission does allow you to heal at a certain evac point.  The last objective really needed some more attention.  It was a bit too easy.  The first part of the mission was well played, had a lot more difficulty and some good atmosphere.  Overall it had good playablity throughout its whole game play.


No outro made.

Edit by Walter_E_Kurtz -
You may see BAS HH-60 Pavehawks and BAS Airweapons listed as required addons. They are only required for an Outro that doesn't exist, so you do NOT need them.


There were a few really neat and unique things about this mission. The use of the pavehawk is a good touch. The use of camera scripting and scripting in the game and especially the part before La Trinite with the incoming missiles and flares.  The IED was also very cool. 

The mission was enjoyable and good.  The chopper insertion had a great impact with the missile defense action, kudos to the author.


The author went to some good lengths with using the camera scripting in-game which most mission makers don't use in modern missions.  A little more action in the last part of La Trinite would have made a world of difference for the ending.

Again the last part needed more protection from the ruskies.  I felt it wasn't enough.  Objectives must have guards to protect them.  Altogether the mission was well designed and interesting. 

You can view the beta thread here.

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