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[OFP] The Uprising by markb50k

The Uprising by markb50k

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Everon
Time of Day Day
Weather Mixed
Filesize 1.65MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96
Addons None

Overview - 5
Briefing - 9
Camera - 5
Scripting - 8

User rating


09 May 2009





Take Command of a mixed Heavy/Light Battalion and talk to civilians and investigate the rumors of an impending uprising. Covering the whole Island of Everon, defeat any resistance by deploying platoons, tanks, helicopters and various supply trucks.

Review by schuler


Mission title and a good size picture showing civilians and soldiers on the Island balances the scene of what is to come in the game if you choose to take on the possibility of an uprising.


This intro starts out with a soldier in the woods contemplating if he should give himself up for the good of his people. Voice acting accompanies this modestly done intro that ties right into the briefing and story line.


The first part of the briefing says “Enter the briefing room”. I thought this was a nice touch to the very organized details of information that you will receive to complete this mission. There are different stages to the mission that will allow you time to come back and run over the briefing again so you don’t have to soak up the Intel and command interface menu all at once. You will have command over the whole Battalion and need to learn how to work the menu. If it looks hard don’t worry you will have time to check back on it for more details.

Gear is just fine for your mission. There is a handy sniper rifle if you choose to get into the action or your standard M16. Oh and for the Rambo there is an M60.

The notes add nicely to the concept of the mission and plot involving this so called resistance movement.


As you where sleeping last night the Intel Staff gathered some information from a freedom fighter that gave himself up last night to stop bloodshed of his people.
The whole island is the theater of operations in this strategic game styled mission. 

The mission author has provided a level of difficulty to choose from before you start the game. This is the rating of percentage of the population that supports your cause on the Island. This is a starting point and will change as you talk to informants find weapon cache’s and arrest rebel leaders among the community.

The first stage of the mission is to deploy your units on Everon. This starts with a small cutscene that will show your players name from your OFP profile. The settings cover behaviors of units, their vehicles, tanks, helicopters, truck’s, the number of men, setting them to safe, aware or combat. Also later on you can check the units killed or wounded and even send fuel or an ambulance. You have one hour to deploy and this gives you time to re-read the briefing as well. If you feel you are ready you can skip the deployment and go into game play at any time.

The next stage is to get out there and do the interaction with the population. At this time you can choose to start at any town by any means you like, even by helicopter. I used the jeep the first time. One thing to remember is fuel, so place your fuel truck at good locations during deployment.  Remember almost everything you do has an impact on the civilian populous.

You will get many different reactions from the civilians and should forewarn you that some of the civilians are the leaders and recruits of the resistance? So you will be walking among the enemy. There is also the possibility to stop the uprising before it starts. How to do that is in the briefing and it’s a nice challenge.


There are two outro wins, one is for if you get an uprising and one for if you stop the uprising before it starts. They both compliment the plot and or aftermath of the mission with a report from your local radio station. There is also a lose ending with a radio report.
For me, voice acting in an Outro can be a somewhat intimate touch to an ending.


The briefing is one of the most detailed but yet easy to understand that you will see.

With effective emplacements over the whole island including troops, trucks and even helicopters at your disposal, you are able to use your own judgment in almost every aspect of this mission. Reports from units informing you about everything that is going on and voice acting in some of the major reports really adds to the atmosphere.

The scripting is simply brilliant. The ability to move so many units of various sizes and vehicles with a few clicks of the mouse is ever most astonishing, everything is at your finger tips. The war status window is one of the formula factors in the game play and updates you with vital information. Same as the selecting of units for their situation as well. Another key attribute is the random conversations with civilians and there actions, even the expressions on their faces. 

The control of troops and the updating map of towns in or out of occupation by the enemy, gives real value to the mission.


Strategic gamers will enjoy this dynamic mission and it's command menu. This is a top game very much recommended for all game players. Just keep in mind that you are a commander and not a foot soldier. If you are out just for the killing and blowing up stuff you might not care for this mission.

I would say to the player to read the briefing fully and start the game and get used to the commands and units as well as the interaction with the civilian population before starting a real attempt of the mission. The mission is very easy to play and everything in a Battalion is there for you to use anyway you like. The assorted ways to go about the mission and the actions you make, linked with the random weapon cache’s and rebel leader’s makes replayabiliy very high. Lots of vehicles, lots of interaction with civilians and rebels, lots of fun!

The proficient briefing layout and the brilliant 80 plus scripts has The Uprising leaving the review room with a classic OFP score of 7 for the creative strategic mission writing. I recommend you have a look at the beta testing for tips. There is a link below here.

You can view the beta thread here.


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