[ArmA] Sutech by EMSI

Sutech by EMSI

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Clear
Filesize 8.51MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.05
Addons None

Overview - 7
Briefing - 7
Camera - 8
Scripting - 7

User rating


11 Aug 2008





Lead a small team deep behind enemy lines to eliminate an SLA officer.

Review by Denz


The overview uses a very disconcerting Bible tract to sum up the mission. The accompanying picture is a well framed shot depicting the sniper team.


The Intro and all the ingame cinematics are just beautiful to look at. Clearly someone has put some thought into how the scene should be lit and played out. My main gripe with all of the cinematics is that the author has used disableUserInput so that what was a joy to watch at first becomes annoying for the third or fourth time through it. The Intro is complete with voice acting in the Czech and Slovak languages. The English text translation isn't the best though but is easy enough to follow.


The briefing is comprehensive and well detailed with everything broken down into sections, labeled as Attachments A, B and C. As this is an assassination mission, the Notes section is given over to a picture of the target and with details of the Officer in Attachment B. Like the Intro text, the English is a little rough around the edges, but it is still understandable as to what you have to accomplish.


Sutech is the second installment in the continuing adventures of Major Tom Lucas, who some of you may have come across in the "Day of Days" mission.

During the mission the player is given choices to make at key points along the way. However, these options don't affect the mission storyline greatly. Following your insertion you have a choice of two routes to get to your next objective. You can either attempt to sneak through the Corozol bottleneck or try your hand at stealing a boat from a small outpost. While having the ability to choose is good, it does feel as though the second route was an afterthought. The first route uses teleport after completing the objective to take you near to the next one while the other leaves you wandering for miles around the countryside.

After completing your main objective there is a nice twist to the story which I won't give away here. A word of advice though, eject from the vehicle as soon as you can ;) I think something could have been done about this though as it seems so unfair to die at this point in the story. Up until now the mission has revolved around stealth, your last objective, should you choose to accept it is an outright assault on an enemy base.



Following the mission you are treated to another lovingly created cinematic. However, the Outro just feels as though it goes on for too long. You get a slightly differing version if you opted out at a turning point during the mission and as such the Outro might not make that much sense if you haven't fully completed the mission.


There is a lot to mention here. The whole mission has some very good voice acting (even though I didn't understand what they were saying). The author has also used some custom addons (included in the zip) for a specific item and for the Resistance units encountered towards the end of the mission. The cinematics have to be mentioned again as does the music.


Sutech is a decent enough special ops mission that provides a challenge but is also frustrating in places. Most of these "frustrations" come from the editing side and with thorough beta testing and a little extra work could have been ironed out. As it stands though it is still a mission worth checking out so don't let the foreign language put you off.

You can view the beta thread here.

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