[ArmA] Piper Warrior Tour Guide by Wolfrug

Piper Warrior Tour Guide by Wolfrug

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side Civilian
Island Sahrani
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 6.56MB

Mission requirements

Game ArmA v 1.08

Overview - 7
Briefing - 6
Camera - 6
Scripting - 7

User rating


17 Mar 2008





It's late and you're watching the news just before the big game tonight when you get an unexpected phone call from your mechanic Greg: "Two new clients have just shown up and desperately want a tour of the island in your trusty Piper Warrior II tonight!"

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Review by Mathias_Eichinger


The overview is very well done! The picture is your common ArmA TV set, but with a picture of the Piper Warrior and the pilot on screen. The text is also nice and explains what to expect (at first).


The intro is special, because it is a clever adaptation of the original ArmA intro with custom voices and resources. The slight modification of the original ArmA intro puts it into another context that ties it together with what is written in the overview at a relatively small camera scripting workload. Custom voices are used throughout the intro.


The briefing is a clear and concise description of what has to be done to fly the passengers around, and the map markers are well laid out too. You can see every waypoint that should be visited and a no fly zone is also marked on the map.


The mission starts with the player arriving at the airport, where he has to pick up some suspiciously sounding tourists to fly them around. Once aboard the Piper, a rather horrible synthetic tour guide voice kicks in and then it is time to start the plane. Once airborne it is a matter of just following the waypoints on the map in order to hit and admire Sahrani`s sights. A better voice would be easier to understand, but the text at the scenic points is alright. Some precise flying is required, because accurate course and height is rewarded with customer satisfaction points. In general, this part of the mission really lets you admire the beautiful Sahrani Island.

But then the story takes a very different approach and tranquil sightseeing is replaced by something more menacing. Soon after that, the weather changes, you are flying in darkness with thunderstorms all around and a loud audible storm amply illustrates the situation you are in.

As if battling the elements and darkness is not enough, at some point of the mission you have to wisely choose your flight path for a good reason. And hopefully your skills in landing a plane are good too...

This mission is easy at times but can be difficult in some parts. The first part just means you need to follow the waypoints whereas the second part requires faster thinking and good landing/takeoff skills. Compared to the ordinary ArmA infantry mission, this one is almost a corridor game, because you are constantly following a course, no matter if it is plotted beforehand or you have chosen it. The experience is unique, but if you are not into flight simulators or you want to have many options in approaching your objective, this mission is probably not for you as it is not tempting to be replayed many times. Also, a joystick is almost a requirement, because ArmA is well known for the difficult flight controls when using a keyboard.


The outro is a clever adaptation of an original ArmA cutscene again, edited to the needs of this mission. I like the idea of that outro that puts this mission in a certain context with the original ArmA campaign.


The mission itself is very special and definitely something else other than the average ArmA mission. Other specials are custom voices, resources (the TV set in the intro) and the audible storm during flight which makes the ambience really great and creates a feeling of menace and challenge during the whole flight.

Also, the plane seems to be "toughened up" in order to not explode at first contact with the ground which really is a very good feature. Another flight aid is the hint that constantly plots customer satisfaction, course and flying height. This is a feature almost critical for mission completion and a very good idea to include.


This mission is a "must play" for everyone who has ever been into flight simulators, it is a great flying adventure. If they don`t mind some precision flying, people who are after good stories in ArmA will also like it. Some words of warning, though: A joystick is really recommended, as flying aircraft in ArmA with the keyboard is a pain-in-you-know-where. The whole affair is quite "corridor-esque", you would probably not want to play it again and again and again. But if you don`t play it at all, you are missing out on a unique ArmA experience.


You can view the beta thread here.


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