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Modified Capture and Hold
« on: 05 Sep 2002, 08:43:59 »
Well, I will test this out in MP tomorrow night and see if it works properly.  I started with Backoff's tutorial and tweaked it some.  Here's how the new stuff should hopefully work:

-3 Flags to capture, in sequential order with incremental scoring values (1, 2 and 3 points respectively); both teams start at the same end of the line.
-Holding a flag for 30 seconds gets a score, for a maximum consecutive time of 90 seconds.
-Holding a flag for 90 seconds halts scoring and capture FOR THAT FLAG for all sides, and moves your team's respawn area up to that flag's position.
-Flags further down the line need to be "activated" by a team capturing the previous flag for 90 seconds; this should prevent rushes and force more fights over individual flags.

If I can get it working properly I'll post it; if I can't, I'll post it anyway and let ya pick it apart  ;D

Wish me luck,
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