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Author Topic: Training  (Read 782 times)

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« on: 13 Mar 2003, 22:30:17 »
Hi guys.
Ive got an idea,very simple only i cant get it working,maybe i need help from the scripters,but maybe u make a great map.
In my clan we r trying to make a training mision.What i wanted was the following:
An oficer,a soldier,and two enemy units.the two enemy units would not have any ammo,they would have respawn and in various places.so when u kill them they respawn all over the place.not in to big an area but big enough so we can see how fast a clan member is in finding,targeting,and killing.as u all know some ppl r real slow,their the guys we dont want ;).
A clock that counts backwards from 90 seconds to 0.and a counter so we can c how many units have been killed.of course the dead bodies should disapear after a few seconds or the feild would get crowded if the recruit is any good.lets c if u guys can make this map for me.think it would be a big bomb in the clan comunity.maybe u could make one for snipers,grenaders and law soldier too?

Sol Fire

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