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Need voices
« on: 21 Aug 2002, 11:46:23 »
HI !

Does anybody know if there is site which is specialiced to publishing different voices ?

Similar than those sites which are listing hundreds of addons.
Voices are usually equally difficult to make and great add to missions.

I specially need radio conversations and people chatting.
Radio conversations could be very common, like: " Approaching the targer, ready to jump", "This is Eagle 1, we are ready for pickup", "We are under fire, requesting firesupport", "Go, Go,Go" or something like that. People chat like: " It is gonna be tough mission, poor bastards" , etc.

Basic idea is that all mappers can use these same voices, like vehicle addons, etc.  :P


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Re:Need voices
« Reply #1 on: 21 Aug 2002, 14:43:25 »

  If you need voices I am willing to add in.  I am going to lilmit my ability fo just english tho..I can put a military spin..on them tho.. so if you would like some spice let me know.

  Catch me at : and tell me what you want.. ie a script. I can MP3 a file for you and send it.

  That goes for anyone else that needs an American Army dude.

 But uhhh.... I am not a sound tech that is for you to figure out.

  I am also looking for some Russian/Chech/Baltic voices for a Resistance campaign if wnyone would like to pitch in.  Make sure that you list the name that you would like to be named as..

  YankeeTanker.  YT.


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Re:Need voices
« Reply #2 on: 22 Aug 2002, 10:00:22 »
Roger that YankeeTanker !

I'll send you an email with in few days.

All I need is that MP3 file which I can convert to .ogg file.

Thanks beforehand !