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Author Topic: "Uncovering the Truth" Input needed  (Read 957 times)

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"Uncovering the Truth" Input needed
« on: 04 Feb 2003, 02:15:05 »
Ok, here is my basic idea for a series of missions whose current title is "Uncovering the Truth." It needs a LOT of work done to it (the current first section of the plot is too obvious, you'll see what I mean...)

A technician for a military base's SCUD missile system is assigned to help conduct 'mock' SCUD launches with missiles without payloads to train SCUD-truck crew. Over the course of several days he notices a pattern: every time a training exercise is done, a small village on the island of Nogova (island series takes place on) is mysteriously destroyed.

After a while he puts two and two together and contacts an investigator-agent guy. They decide that they cannot mention details over the phone and must meet in a public place. Well, they meet in the town center of Lipany (in front of the large building) and begin talking. Right before he goes into what he has figured out, an assassin kills him at the precise moment a bomb blows up a nearby building (to cover up the killing.)

Now you, the investigator-agent guy, must figure out what he was talking about, using hints this guy left behind (videotapes of news reports about destroyed villages, logbooks he took home from the SCUD control center, etc) and figure out what is going on, while dodging evil government agents trying to shut you up by means of perforating your skull.

The parts I don't like about it are:

villages getting blown up - what purpose does this serve? if they are hiding some kind of 'rebellion' force it would be alot simpler to just kill the rebels outright and label them a terrorist group.

SCUD training launches coinciding with aforementioned catastrophic events - what a stupid way to blow something up, everybody that was involved in the training exercise and caught word of whatever being blown up 2 minutes later would figure it out if they did not have the IQ of pond scum.

investigator-agent guy - who does he work for? The US? Surely not the government that is blowing stuff up, he's the type that would be in on it if he were working for them. Some private investigator freelance type? If I knew something that could take down the government under which I lived I don't think I'd go to a PI.

Some cool stuff that can be worked into this:
Zooming into technician's face at the command center, then when it zooms out he is sitting on his bed watching the news report of whatever got blown up

Some cool slowdown effects when the building explodes and the guy dies at the same time.


Any input that you can think of to iron out the problems in the plot would be much appreciated (actually it's what I posted this for)

Also if and of you can think of a better title than "Uncovering the Truth," please let me know, you'll be credited for it in the opening sequence.


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Re:"Uncovering the Truth" Input needed
« Reply #1 on: 04 Feb 2003, 04:07:16 »
The Investigator:  He could be working for NATO, UN, USA, or some civilian organization.  Another way to go is to have the person be a journalist.  He is contacted so he can bring the incidents to the attention of the world.

I'll think up some ideas for the story but i'm kind of tired right now so i'll post later when i have collected my thoughts.


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Re:"Uncovering the Truth" Input needed
« Reply #2 on: 04 Feb 2003, 05:55:59 »
Ah excellent, never thought of journalist as the main character, that would fit perfect, and give him some 'need' to get to the bottom of it.

I'd like to keep the gunplay on the part of the main character to a minimum, make the player use evasion and stuff, maybe include some chase scenes with creative ways of destroying the pursuers...

Another thing that really needs to be resolved is WHY the 'evil government body' would want to blow up its own towns.

Perhaps something like two parties that control the government and the 'evil' party is trying to snuff the 'good' party out. Good party was holding a meeting or something in a village and the evil-controlled military blew it up.


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Re:"Uncovering the Truth" Input needed
« Reply #3 on: 04 Feb 2003, 12:29:49 »
Prehaps try replacing nuke's with bio-agents that take a while to come into effect. Instead of test SCUD launches, make convoys misteriously disappearing, and noone seeing any trace of them again

so 4 or 5 convoys disappear, 6 months later, villages start to die, and the evil orginisation moves in to cure the sick and wounded, making the sick and wounded dependant on the coperations dose-a-day cure hence there slaves.

My 2 cents

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