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Author Topic: MEC 2011  (Read 20082 times)

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Re: MEC 2011
« Reply #15 on: 26 Aug 2011, 01:13:36 »
I have two questions:

1. Can the mission be packed as an addon, similar to the original missions.pbo? I had made some small config tweaks for editing reasons, and I think it would be easier to have an "all-in-one" solution. Or is it better to have separate "mission" and "addon" .pbo's?

2. I think in the last mission editing competition, the missions had to be "anonymous" with the only reference to the author being the readme. How is this handled this time? The rules don't say anything about this, so can the mission itself contain any kind of info about the creator, like credits in intro / outro, tag'd .pbo name etc.?

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Re: MEC 2011
« Reply #16 on: 26 Aug 2011, 22:58:00 »
The mission must be it's own pbo, no addons included.

Please make sure you are granted permission to change addon configs, giving credit where due. Otherwise, your submission will not qualify.

We are confident that the judging will be based on the final results and not your name. However, human preferences will always factor in to some degree.

Good luck!

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« Reply #17 on: 27 Dec 2018, 15:47:58 »
hi all