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Author Topic: Splatterblood: An addon-free goremod for OFP  (Read 2468 times)

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Splatterblood: An addon-free goremod for OFP
« on: 15 Jun 2013, 02:24:53 »
I had the revelation recently that despite having created years worth of stuff, I've never shared any of it with the community. So today that changes. This is the first of my five favourite OFP creations, which I will be uploading over the next few months. It's called Splatterblood.

So what is Splatterblood?

Splatterblood is a mod that introduces highly exaggerated blood and gore to Operation Flashpoint, without requiring any addons at all! It is my attempt at a fun, over-the-top gore mod for OFP, and functions entirely using drop particles. It features damage based blood splatter on the ground in addition to blood spray from gunfire and grenades. It also features the complete explosion of a unit into giblets and mist if hit with a sufficiently powerful explosion. This latter function can be disabled if a mission designer wishes it to be so.

Splatterblood is made for version 1.96 of OFP, and is not multiplayer compatible.

A complete breakdown of everything is provided in the form of 'Tutorial' scripts which explain, line by line, how Splatterblood works.

Any and all ideas as to how to improve Splatterblood would be greatly appreciated!

Currently known bugs:
None that I've so far found in the two years since I made Splatterblood, but if you find any please do let me know.  :D

Suggested uses of Splatterblood:

 - Works great in combination with my soon-to-be-released Joint Zombie Project, and other zombie mods such as Scott Tundstall's famous zombies.

 - Great fun with weapon mods like SJB and LSR (I highly recommend SJB's M82 with Splatterblood).

Potential areas of work:

 - Multiplayer compatibility. (Works clientside for the host only at the moment.)

 - Hit location specific effects. (eg. Headshots give immediate mist out back of head)

How to download Splatterblood:

 - A '.zip' file is attached, containing an example mission, all scripts and alternative versions, and a readme.

Thank-you in advance for downloading and testing this resource! I wish you great fun in all your gory endeavours! If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me either here on OFPEC, or at alistairjohnson@live.co.uk

Happy murder!  ;)
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Re: Splatterblood: An addon-free goremod for OFP
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jun 2013, 12:06:46 »
This sounds just like something I would have good use for. I will download and test it once I have some time again.

Edit: Such sights to show me ... Finally something bloody that doesn't require any mods. And the dancing part in the demo mission was pretty intense.
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