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Author Topic: Add addon, modify signature  (Read 296 times)

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Add addon, modify signature
« on: 06 Dec 2020, 07:56:20 »
Hi all,
I'm not sure to understand very well how I can update my addon list and the signature.
Well, I'm Pierre MGI 'or pierreMGI without space) on BI forum.

I posted years ago, my tag MGI_ that you can find here. I released MGI Tactical Pack , new version of MGI tactical glasses...
but, more recently, MGI Advanced Modules.

This addon has 10,000 + subscribers and I'd like to share the key for dedicated server. At this time, everything is OK if verifySignatures is set to 0 (addon works without bug on server and client) but there is no mean to make a dedicated server accept the signature (key is V2 format from Arma3 tools.
Thanks for help and make this addon shared by community.
Sorry for my English.