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DayZ questions, time to ask the professionals.


I'm passing by the idea of talking straight to the DayZ community and instead come to where I feel most at home.

My question is this, I have seen several communities out there that have actually managed to unblacklist vehicles that Rocket locked out. I found out that the DayZ_Anim file contains a config.cpp that has said blacklist in it, but when trying to rebinerize the file there is nothing but errors.

Any ideas suggestions for here?

Our server is running rMod alongside DayZ. This will unban everything ArmA 2 has to offer for legal use in your private server. You player base will have to then install and enable rMod to access the server however  :D

Now, I have a question.

I have been searching for a possible script for our servers trading post / safe zone. I do not want our community to have to install any add-on other than DayZ and rMod.

What I am looking for is a script that would either disable the use of your weapon in the trading post, disable PVP around the trading post all together or transfer the blood damage to the player who engaged combat inside the trading post.

Would this be easy to accomplish? I have been goggling for a couple hours and haven't found and solid information. Also, I am very new to adding scripts to our server and do not know this this kind of script even exists, or is even possible to create.

However, I came across something pretty neat in the editor, figured out how to add a "triggered" pop up message when entering the trading post.

It reads : You are entering a cease fire zone!!!

Another follows that reads: Welcome to the Trading Post!

rMod is only going to work for those that have it.

There are servers out there without it on that have unblacklisted vehicles on the default Chernarus map, it is in the DayZ_anim plugin within the config.cpp. However, I can never rebinerize it as it's faulty. This is why I need help.

As for yours, you would most likely have to use a class hook and hook in to weapons and ammo. If said weapon/ammo enters area, remove ammo check and regive on leave. Or along those lines, or. You could make so if survivor enters area, set no damage. That would work as well.


  The best part about no damage in a trading post is the people trying to be clever and shoot people anyway will just lose their ammo.

  Sorry this doesnt help the OP answer his question though.


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