Author Topic: [MP COOP 1-9] Takibanīs Last Stand  (Read 1000 times)

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[MP COOP 1-9] Takibanīs Last Stand
« on: 14 Jun 2012, 14:37:30 »

Author: SaOk
Version: 1.0
Requirements: ArmA2 Combined Operations (1.60) + BAF/PMC DLC

Mission Description:
The final step of this war lies before us. Takiban forces are holding their last stronghold in Loy Manara. If we capture that, peace is pretty much restored and peacekeepers can handle the rest.

Download (v1.0):
-7th mission of "Chasing Grim Reaper" (MECII Winner) converted to coop for 9 players
-Briefing/Overview/Gear Choose
-Custom Parameters for MultipleLife/Difficulty Level/Command Mode/Revive/Battleshouting
-Full voice-acting
-Revive System by Norrin
-Mando Missiles Script by Mandoble
-Czech translations by Tslava
-Ambient Life
-AI support
-Custom AI functions (AI inside houses, use of smoke...)
-Long explonsive warfare
-Perfomance Friendly Methods
-Works good also with ACE2

Thanks for Voice-actors:

Thanks for 3rd party script owners:
- Revive System by Norrin
- Mando Missiles Script by Mandoble
- Surrendering script borrowed partly from USPMON by Mondasa and Kronzky

Special Big Thanks to Zonekiller for time saving client script method.