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Author Topic: -= ZKs BattleZone =- 72 Player [CO-OP] - Warfare  (Read 2304 times)

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-= ZKs BattleZone =- 72 Player [CO-OP] - Warfare
« on: 01 Jan 2012, 03:34:40 »
LAST UPDATED - 21-1-12

Planed UpDates
Add = Ambient Civilians

-=ZKs BattleZone =-

This is not a Mission.


All Mission Zip now done with latest 7Zip
Fixed geur1 to guer1


UPDATE - 6-1-12

Fixed - Packing Up Enemys Base.
Fixed - Starting with the last players units.
Fixed - Code for waypoints.
Fixed - If UAV goes down , now you will be kicked from Remote Construction.
Fixed - AI Base can still make base buildings after Total Items reached.

Added - Pickup Smoke now is the colour of the side.
Added - Total goes RED when reached.
Added - Leave group action.
Added - Make Empty Vehicle, Building , Man after Total Items has been reached.
Added - Make Empty Vehicle after Item Ammount has been reached.
Added - Player Group Size in Params.
Added - Restrict Player Build Time in the params.
Added - Rejoin Message if you join a side that is down.

Tuned - Cleaned some publicvars up.

UPDATE V1 - 11-1-12

Fixed - Trucks less likely to get stuck.
Fixed - All Players Local Vehicles and Men fully transferred back to server on disconnect.
Fixed - Guer RESPAWN now works when you click on the word RESPAWN not just the Map.
Fixed - Mortars fire more.
Fixed - Respawn - will end mission for that side when no bases are left and exit If you Click on Respawn.
Fixed - Player Respawn error when no units alive on players side.

Added - Sides Used In The Mission - in params - Now can leave out any side.
Added - Factions : Mission Suggested Factions - in params - add your factions to "InitFolder\Mission_Factions.hpp".
Added - Markers for Trucks.
Added - helpdis = 2000; max distance to call for AUTO support in "User_Settings\Mission_Settings.hpp"

Tuned - Vehicle Movement , Packing Up trucks , Builder_interface.fsm - Only Choppers are now Made localy.
Re-work - YES - Lots of code enhanced.

UPDATE V2 - 16-1-12

Fixed - Getin with land vehicles without cargo spots.
Fixed - Blow Building action gets removed sooner.

Added - Amount Of Crew Per Vehicle in params , "Fill Driver And All Turrets", "Fill Just Driver And Gunner".
Added - copyfactions,copyaddons and game_ends in  "User_Settings\Mission_Settings.hpp" - Used for testing and editing.
Added - activateAddons extra_addons - when using addons this will automaticly activate them on mission start- Read note below.
Added - All Vehicles and Buildings made by the Server face away from the HQ.
Added - rearm at any of your side bases.

Improved - Targeting System.
Improved - Auto call for support system.

Tested With - Latest AO Beta.
Tested With - PRACS.
Tested With - Frigate Pack.

extra_addons Note

In "InitFolder\Mission_Factions.hpp" there is skiped_addons = ["myaddon"]; addons that the auto addon finder misses goes in here
If you get an error on mission start , Look in your RPT file for the name of the addon and add it to - skiped_addons.
If your using addons JIP will give en error before recieving the mission , due to the activateAddons extra_addons can not run earlier
it is all running by the time the player is in the game.
to get around this you can add an empty vehicle of all vehicle types of your addons in the mission then delete it at mission start.
then you dont need to add anything to - skiped_addons.
In User_Settings\Mission_Settings.hpp
set copyaddons = true
then start the mission
when the container comes off the truck
alt tab
paste with RMB to a text doc
add the addons it finds to mission.sqm
hint if you edit the mission after this  with the editor
you may have to do it again

UPDATE V3 - 21-1-12

Fixed - Error with turrets.
Fixed - All Players Local Empty Vehicles get deleted on disconnect.
Fixed - Random Error that caused Server_Seen_Code to stop.
Fixed - ReArming when making empty vehicle.

Added - Pickup now works in water for Players and AI.
Added - Call for AmmoDrop.
Added - Pickup Marker.
Added - AmmoDrop Marker.
Added - Call for Plane when using LaserMarker.

Tuned - Vehicle Movement , Builder_interface.fsm.
Re-work - YES - Some code enhanced.

The Missions So Far -=ZKs BattleZone=- V3

-=ZKs BattleZone=- Takistan -- No Addons Just AO --
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Takistan

-=ZKs BattleZone=- Isla Duala -- Addons - Isla Duala Map & AO-CO --
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Isla Duala
Isla Duala Map Link:

-=ZKs BattleZone=- Tasmania -- Addons - Tasmania Map & AO-CO --
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Tasmania
Tasmania Map Link:

-=ZKs BattleZone=- Utes -- Addons - AO-CO --
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Utes

Recommended Addons

Frigates, Weapons and Waves
For Island Maps
Frigates, Weapons and Waves Link

DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Ships Isla Duala
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Ships Tasmania
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Ships Utes

For Resistance Vehicles

DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Pracs Takistan
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Pracs Isla Duala
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Pracs Tasmania
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Pracs Utes

Frigates and Pracs

DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Ships_Pracs Isla Duala
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Ships_Pracs Tasmania
DownLoad -=ZKs BattleZone=- Ships_Pracs Utes

I Hope You All Enjoy -= ZKs BattleZone =-
Its been a Year in the Making.

Have Fun , Enjoy :)
Happy New Year

FeedBack Very Welcome.

Special thanks to Kremator for all the hours put in testing and the ideas that made it what it is today.

Feel Free to do whatever you wish to the Mission. I just ask for some credit and you to keep -= ZKs BattleZone =- in the name somewhere.

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