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I also wanna submit a mission.


Hello folks,
              I am Ahmed Azher from Pakistan.I have keen interest in mission editing of ArmA coldwar assault v1.99, thats the version I am working on. I have played the remarkable missions that are already saved on OFPEC with our member.Seeking those missions, I also got high passion to create exiting missions, But I don't know how to submit those missions so that they can be played by the public.
                                                             Waiting for other's reply..!!!                                         
                                                                                                                                     Ahmed Azher,

Hi ahmed117,

Welcome to ofpec, I think you be able to upload your missions, becuase you already uploaded one, about a sound tutorial right?  but if youve forgot it. IŽll suggest you READ this post How to submit a mission

I hope it helps,
P.S WeŽll waiting for your projects


Yes, welcome to OFPEC ahmed117. It's great to have more mission designers call OFPEC home. Please take the time to read the stickies in the beta boards before submitting your missions. We also offer timeless tutorials and other resources for mission editing in the various BIS titles. Have a look around in the Editors depot and sift through the forums for additional inspiration.


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