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Author Topic: SPY Marker Version 1-0-0 (Resource)  (Read 1127 times)

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SPY Marker Version 1-0-0 (Resource)
« on: 30 Dec 2010, 06:38:34 »
SPY Marker
Version 1-0-0
30 DEC 2010


* Easily attach markers to objects
* Easily change display names (pre-defined)
* Marker display names based on object side
* MP Compatible
* Works with west/ east


* Updates every 10 seconds, will take 10 seconds initially for text to display


Merge init.sqf with your mission
Add SPY folder to your mission
Add and customize init lines to objects you want markers on

Example init line on object:

Code: [Select]
_null = [this, west, 'arty'] execVM 'SPY\SPY_Marker\SPY_Marker.sqf';
Options for object type:

'farp' <-- Only for SPY FARP (Used with Mando Missile ArmA)
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