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Author Topic: READY: Cam scenes (A user friendly script for making movies)  (Read 1708 times)

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First of all, I don't have ofp, arma, arma2 within reach (doing exchange studies in Mexico and didn't bring my gaming computer) which means I havent really had the possibility to test this but I have a friend that did so should work.

Background: Many people want to make cool movies but limited skills with camera scripting makes it tough for them. I wanted to create a script that works sorta like the camera triggers in Operation flashpoint.

What does it do: The editor start the script with choosing a vehicle, the duration and type of camera.

How to use this resource:
Start with the following code

my_Camera = [object,duration,"type"] execVM "cam_scenes.sqf";
   object = name of any vehicle/object ingame that you want the camera to focus on.
   duration, in seconds how long do you want the scene to be.
   "type", the style you want. Replace with any of the following:

   "zoom top"
   "chase side"
   "chase angle"
   "fly in"
   "fly around"

EDIT. Updated the file and removed the "hint" message used for debugging but realized people wouldn't like it.
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