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[OFPRes] Tonal + OPFOR Pack 1.2
« on: 14 Dec 2009, 13:44:38 »
Link: Tonal + OPFOR Pack 1.2

Tonal Isle is a large world map for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.
Set on the south east coast Africa, and combined with BAS OPFOR, it offers a wide variety of environments and battlefields for OFP, and a scenario / theme to open up new missions in the Tonal world.

The bas isle is intended to be used with the BAS OPFOR African units. The rebel and government soldiers and vehicles can be used for all sorts of african based conflicts on the isles.
See the included BAS Tonal File for detailed information on the Tonal Background.
The islands have been built around government, rebel, civilian and militia areas, the OPFOR addon provides units who fit and fight well in each area.

Hosted addon topic for Tonal + OPFOR Pack 1.2. Discussion/questions below - note that OFPEC cannot necessarily answer all queries regarding this addon since this addon belongs to the OFP Legacy Addons project, and hosted at OFPEC in an effort to offer continued support for OFP and OFP: Resistance.

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