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Author Topic: Capture The Chicken!  (Read 1114 times)

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Capture The Chicken!
« on: 06 Jan 2010, 05:22:02 »
Hey Everyone!

I've been playing the odd co-op and capture the town missions with a few friends of mine. One of my friends always says lets play "Capture the something" (as sometimes it could be a town or something else). I said in return, "What, chicken?"

As a result of that I decided to put my scripting cap back on (although you will frown at me.. i'll explain later) and make a Capture The Chicken map. You might think I am mad but its an interesting concept.

I've spent the last few hours coding and I haven't done so for a while. It's actually in SQS *hides* as I've not got round to learning SQF. It's all over the place a bit too so could do with a bit of cleaning up. Tomorrow I plan on commenting it so people can rip it apart as its 4:30am here nearly.


This video is a very early video. The first I done was the attach script and making that work. Thats about it so it doesnt look like much in the video.. yet. All it is really is the very start and how it works, I'll explain in more detail though...

Units on each team must find the chicken and put it on their head to score points for their team. The longer its on their head the more their goes up. If they are killed the chicken drops to the floor and will start running around again. Winner is when then score of the team meets the set limit or the time is up.

The chicken is marked on the map and that is updated every few seconds. It changes colour depending on the team owning it (or green if no one has it). Of course, its good to help find it but if you have the chicken on your head you will soon be found!

Capture and hold The Chicken

6 vs 6 at the moment due to the map size I have. However, the scripts do not depend on counting the units etc so simply placing more down in the editor will be fine.

I have made this with ACE mod enabled and I believe a few elements of it have been incorporated to enhance the game. However, they are not required for the concept of the game to function. I will remove ACE from the mission when I submit it here

Very Soon!

Comments & Suggestions welcome! I do plan, if this is sucessful, to do other farm yard animal games. Maybe something like Ride the Sheep. How long can you ride a sheep for before getting shot off, trying to get a best time or something. Slightly random but that's me pretty much!
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Re: Capture The Chicken!
« Reply #1 on: 06 Jan 2010, 13:20:25 »
Excellent idea, nice to see someone doing something a little crazy.
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