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Homebrew admin menu locality issues
« on: 03 Aug 2009, 12:59:48 »
I have created a small homebrew admin menu based on Dr.Eyeball's Dialog Framework.
I am expiriencing different problems with some functions due to locality of theese functions.
For example - i choose a guy, choose "AddWeapon" action then write PipeBomb in the Edit Box.
If i choose a bot or myself it works fine, if i choose another player  - it doesnt.

In my script there is a dialog where you get to enter all needed stuff. The dialog is a SQF which gets executed by an action attached to a certain player. Once all info (Player, AddMag, "PipeBomb") is entered in that dialog all stuff is processed to "parser.sqs" which checks what action is it and execs a script required and sends it parameters. Then a needed script execs, but i have a suspicion it is only executed on a client which called the dialog in the first place.
My question is - how to make it so script is affecting the whole network, i.e. disarming the other player?
tried to publicvariable stuff - doesnt work

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Re: Homebrew admin menu locality issues
« Reply #2 on: 04 Aug 2009, 10:27:44 »
well arma 2 is ok, but i am trying to implement this in a1 which is the problem - but thanks for info anyway - i will try to use it too