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Author Topic: How to submit your missions  (Read 2215 times)

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How to submit your missions
« on: 23 Jul 2009, 22:49:24 »
  • Read the Mission Submission Standards before posting
  • Locate and press the NEWTOPIC button in the appropriate Beta Thread >> OFP/ARMA/TOH/ARMA2 <<
  • In the Subject: field, enter Your mission name and type >> [SP]My Mission Name <<
  • Fill in some information to describe your mission for testers. This is when you sell it
    Author: Your Name Here
    Version: Mission version here
    Required Addons: Copy and paste links to all needed addons here
                            And here
                            And here
    Mission Description: Elaborate on some of the details of your mission here
    Features: Highlight some things that may interest folks such as scripts used, objective types or things unique to your mission
    Known Bugs: List any known bugs here
    ChangeLog: List ongoing changes to each version here
                      Version 1.0: blah,blah
                      Version 1.1: Changed blah to yada, etc.

  • Press the Additional Options button, followed by the browse button to navigate to the mission file on your computer and doubleclick it. Make sure it is an accepted file type as noted below the browse button and that it is less than 5mb
  • Insert screenshots in the same manner
  • When inserting links to addons from OFP.info, have a look at this tutorial for tips on getting a direct link.
  • When you are finished, press the Post button at the bottom
If you have made a mistake, fear not. You can edit your post by pressing the Modify button across from the mission title in your new thread.
Once you've posted your mission, and while you wait for feedback, feel free to test other peoples missions and offer them feedback.
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