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Author Topic: (Review Completed) [COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise  (Read 3797 times)

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(Review Completed) [COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« on: 22 Aug 2007, 22:47:57 »


Will attach mission to this post as well,

Mission Name: Operation Sunrise

Game mode: MP: Coop 1-8

Addon's required: EditorUpgrade102 (included in the map zip file)

Respawn: Team spawn in MP.

30 man Platoon to capture Pita.


- 30 Man Platoon, plenty of live to spawn into
- Ai react to the assault, they dont just wait for you to attack, they counter.
- Final Beta test took me and my mate 3 hours to complete.
- Over 6 Months in development and beta testing.


Difficulty: Normal
Supports SP: MP & SP
Cadet/Veteran mode variation: None

Island/towns: Pita city coastline
Core game style: infantry vs infantry & some armour
Scale: about 30 infantry attack force
Duration: about 3 Hours
Weather/Time: Clear, Semi Overcast, 7:30am, Day


Mission created by: Gareth Clough
Mission Version: 1.00
Release Date: 28 July 2007

Intro/Outro: None, 250 second intro, 40 second outro
Briefings: Full brieifing, notes & tickable objectives
Created for Arma version: 1.7beta+
Testing: Tested on dedicated server with 2 human players.
Size: 4mb
Screenshots: <OpSunriseIntro.jpg> (http://www.garycorp.com/arma/images/OpSunriseIntro.jpg)


- Stage 1: Insertion by UH-60,
- Stage 2: Destroy D30 beach defences to make way for the Engineers to land and clear the mines and tank traps.
- Stage 3: Capture Pita

Background: SLA keep attacking the south and the U.S. task force. So the U.S. with limited resources liberate the North from the commies.

- For Multi Player, copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\MPMissions (installation) folder. Was made as a Coop mission, would recommend MP play to enable respawn.
- For Single Player, copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\Missions (installation) folder.

- 10% of plays, Alpha team lost a UH-60. Which will result in less lads on your team.
- If you decide to attack Pita from the East, and attack harbour 1st you will need to be careful when bringing ai into harbour
  make sure you bring them to the pre defined positions on the harbour sea front then move them to the desired pos. (Game bug not mission)
- Mission does 100% work, so if you think you have cleared Pita and you dont have a 'Objective Complete'. Then there are enemys still alive
  in the area. On one play a full squad attacked us after being up in the hills, and we were looking everywhere for the SLA still alive in Pita.

- None for this mission. Will make more missions set in this theatre of war though.

0.1 - 01.Jan.2007 - Started Beta Testing
1.0 - 28.Jul.2007 - Revised release.

This mission is distributed without any warranty.
You may host it for download, but keep this readme included.
This mission cannot be used for commercial gain.
Please seek my permission if you would like to add it to a mission pack or anything like that.

- BIS their great simulators.
- The makers of EditorUpdate_v102 addon.
- Anybody who has helped me in the BIS forum.
- Finally Scott Greenwood who helped me beta test this mission.

Download more Missions by me @

OFPEC Download


Keep on commie killin.


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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #1 on: 13 Oct 2007, 14:24:32 »
Any idea when this will get reviewed?



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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #2 on: 13 Oct 2007, 19:09:58 »
MP missions are hard to review as they require a dedicated server and multiple players. However, I'm busy setting up an MP testing team. Hopefully the plan succeeds, at the moment it's hard to give an estimation when the review will be done.

Plan B involves setting up a game with shark attack and everyone else interested. Chances for it to work are slim however, and it has been tried before.

Sorry, it will get reviewed, but just not yet  :-[
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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #3 on: 15 Oct 2007, 04:37:54 »
My system info...

Abit MB
AMD XP 3000+
GeForce 7800 GS OC
1.5 gig of RAM

The package is good. Has everything it needs. Included the addon in the pack too.

The briefing is good. Fine, short description of the mission.

Though the intro was well done, it was very long and anti-climatic. I got the feeling it was there just to have one. It had no information or storyline involving the mission.

I disabled AI and took the AT specialist slot. At mission start (When we landed) I ended up under another groups control. (Odd since I had my own group at the setup.) The first thing of note in game was the unplayable lag. The choppers never left (crew disembarked and stood there.) and some sporatic enemy came in.

I dispatched a couple of infantry and 1 BMP (too close explosion killed me) spawned into a group member and ran out of the area to see if the lag would let up. It did not so I ended it.

It was just too bad. About a frame a second. I thought it may have been too many units in the area but leaving didn't help at all. So Im guessing maybe an un-optimized script, too many scripts running at once or too many triggers in the area.

I did test a mission Im working on that is very script intensive and had no lag. So I ruled out my PC. I also run my settings around normal and dropped them to very low in your mission and it didn't change the lag at all.

I know my machine is showing its age but there are still alot of them out there, and they will not run this.

There are alot of small extras like the window with the mission name at the bottom etc. It seems well made and the story line is good I just couldn't run it.

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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #4 on: 15 Oct 2007, 22:31:59 »
The mission was beta tested for over 6 months, twice a week. With 2 clients and 1 dedi server (3 pcs). I was built as a coop, and meant to have at least 1 human and he be group leader. Ideally 2 players, 1 to control the group and one to be on point, really do the things that AI would take ages to complete. All alive group1 has to be at the LZ for the choppers to take off. If the crews got out, then they run out of fuel, always seemed to get hit in the fuel tanks.
Then the mission is to attack Pita, not pita attack you at the lz. As you start you advance, the AI will see a threat and some will counter you. Never had lag, apart from in 1.02, had a little.
The machine i used to run the group leader ie mine, was as low as a p4 3.4, 1 gig 5300, x800xt gfx card. on normal.

Mission was really designed for LAN play, should work over the net, was tested over wireless bridge at 22mbps (actual speed, qcheck).

What server were you running it on?

If you were hosting and playing on same pc, with a mission that big, well your asking for trouble.

Thanks for the feedback though.



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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #5 on: 16 Oct 2007, 05:50:40 »
Where to start...

If you need to take the GL slot in setup you should mention that maybe in the mission discription so you can see it when chooing a position.

If choppers takes dammange they seem to automaticly loose fuel. The more damage the faster they loose fuel.

I created a Local LAN server and played it. I have some very very script demanding missions and have never had an issue, but I have uplaoded it to our deticated server and Ill give it another go tomarrow.

Talk to ya then.

EDIT:I am having issues with our server. If I get is sorted out I will update my review. Sorry.

Im not sure what the difference is. The info is here wheather its added to this or in a new post. Please explain this rule. Im no kid running up my post count, Im 37 and I dont understand this.
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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #6 on: 17 Oct 2007, 09:17:59 »
BuhBye, you seem to forget things fast.. :no:

We don't take consecutive/double posting kindly, if you have something to add to your post after a short period of time modify it instead of replying to yourself.
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Re: (Please Review)[COOP] 1-8 Operation Sunrise
« Reply #7 on: 18 Jun 2009, 05:30:51 »
Review completed finally!   :whistle:
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