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Author Topic: Read this first!  (Read 1704 times)

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Read this first!
« on: 09 Mar 2009, 11:35:44 »
This is the forum for addons hosted at OFPEC, as opposed to addons being Beta-tested at OFPEC. If you want your addon to be hosted at OFPEC, make a post in the ArmA - Addons & Mods Beta Testing board : after proper checking by staff, the addon can be hosted by us, upon which a thread will be made here.

Also addons which have bypassed the beta-testing stage (or have been internally beta-tested or otherwise proven to be of high quality) will have a thread here for comments once hosted.

All threads will contain a short resumé of the addon, its pros and cons and its MP-compatibility if applicable: no score will be given. However, every addon that is hosted by us will have to go through proper quality testing beforehand, meaning that if you find an addon hosted by us you can be assured it is a quality addon, unlikely to ever compromise your system or detract from expected playability: read the short review by staff members and the comments (if any) by the community to figure out if the addon is for you. All addons hosted by OFPEC should adhere to the TAG system.

Final note:

If you have any addons you would want OFPEC to host, please feel free to inform us and get us in touch with the author. If you have the resources and time to MP-test addons, and wish to write a short summary of what works and what does not, feel free to comment on the thread.

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