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Author Topic: [OFPRes] SEB Nam Pack 2  (Read 5271 times)

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[OFPRes] SEB Nam Pack 2
« on: 14 Dec 2009, 12:51:48 »
Link: SEB Nam Pack 2

-This addon provides users with units and weapons and vehicles representing the:
US (Army, Marines, Air Cav, Special Forces, LRRP, MFR, SEALs),
Viet-Cong (Main Force VC and Local VC) and
North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers.

- A temporary armor pack has been included to fix the classnames of the planned armor vehicles.

- Mine pack from CoC

An unofficial VC Civilian Fix (sebnam_ci_edit.zip, by joekidds) has been included in the zip, it will fix the broken Villager 1 config.

Hosted addon topic for SEB Nam Pack 2. Discussion/questions below - note that OFPEC cannot necessarily answer all queries regarding this addon since this addon belongs to the OFP Legacy Addons project, and hosted at OFPEC in an effort to offer continued support for OFP and OFP: Resistance.

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Re: [OFPRes] SEB Nam Pack 2
« Reply #1 on: 15 Dec 2009, 11:20:06 »
Newer version with new name can be found in Vietnam: The Experience forum. Latest released version is v0.4 for OFP.
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