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Author Topic: (Review Complete) [MP CO OP 15] Goon Island drug invasion  (Read 2599 times)

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Mission name: GOON ISLAND

Mission type: Cooperative
Players Numbers: 15

Version: 9.2x

Size:  1,627 kb

Author: GoonuMelkor

patch 1.14
Required addons: Editor Upgrade 1.02
Language: English

This is a revive/respawn map set on the fictitious island of GOON.  There are cocaine fields, control towers, and camps to take down.

Air support is available through radio, as is ammo for Squadleader.

Moderate Difficulty - 5-7 players (45 minutes)

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Offline hoz

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« Reply #1 on: 31 Oct 2008, 04:56:33 »


There is no weapons pool, you do provide ammo boxes, you might want to mention it in the briefing..

The Plan is simple and too the point, interesting picture you've chosen here.

Notes section..

Interesting real map picture you've included, it could be bigger.
I like what you've done with the news reports

Could do without the GoonBio on the last page after all this is a mp mission and usually you want to keep it small as possible. save this for the readme.txt which you didn't include in the zip.

You should include a promo pic in the zip and a readme.txt containing any addon information.

You don't provide much information about the radio calls, we used the ammo call a few times, this is a welcome addition. You should add what these radio calls are for.

There isn't one, you should add a little bit of one.


Pretty decent we never completed all the objectives, but we had some pretty good battles especially with. Didn't really come across any bugs. Im not sure if the intel was lowered on all those civies but they sure seemed easy to kill but you might want to add more of those res guys.

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« Reply #2 on: 31 Oct 2008, 20:54:59 »
Ok, we played it now.
Sadly we noticed some bugs:
-mission started at day, selected was night
-for people who were killed at the mission end/killed during the outro the mission didn't end.
-once I got revived and was up, I was swimming on the ground. So please move the respawn point away from the water.

In overall it is a nice mission, but we asked ourself why it is up to 15 people? We managed to play it within 20 minutes with 4 men without problems.
On daylight you simple can take a sniper and take out the enemy without getting in danger. And when you finally reached at the mi-17, you can take and fly him. And at that point the enemy has no change and you can solve all objectives with it.

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Re: [MP CO OP 15] Goon Island drug invasion
« Reply #3 on: 04 Nov 2008, 03:47:18 »
I agree with ionos, the mission is not worthy of the 15 slots, 3 of us finished it in just over 35 mins. Overall a decent mission, we didn't come across any of those bugs.

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Re: (Review Complete) [MP CO OP 15] Goon Island drug invasion
« Reply #4 on: 23 Feb 2009, 08:49:57 »
Hi all, why this mission no start in our server??