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Author Topic: extra turrets on heli with ah1w base ???  (Read 1084 times)

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extra turrets on heli with ah1w base ???
« on: 28 Sep 2008, 07:16:11 »
Problem is when I try to add extra turrets (door-gun positions) to a heli with the Ah1w base (AH1Z).
Instead of the pilot aligning the fwd-gunner with the target to fire off rockets as the cobra does
the pilot tries to align the side gunner up with the target.

I have tried the fwd gunner as primaryGunner = true; and primary = true;
commanding = -1; -2; and -3; do not seem to alter anything.

I can not see anything else in the turret section which would change the preference given to gunners.

Any ideas on what I could do  ???


OK problem fixed being referencing from bad sources
and the PBTK bug  :whistle:
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