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Welcome To OFPEC!
« on: 29 Apr 2008, 20:47:18 »
About the Site

If you need help and advice on editing addons and missions for Arma3, Arma2, Armed Assault, Operation Flashpoint or Elite, you've come to the right place.

We provide a library of tutorials, scripts and tools to assist you, and we host hundreds of member-made missions to inspire you. We also offer beta testing areas where editors can submit their resources for testing, and when those resources are finalised, the author can host the end product here for the good of the entire Community.

A Brief Tour of OFPEC

Along the top of the screen you'll see links to various depots.

The Intel Depot provides our news feeds, both internal and external. Members can also submit news stories for inclusion on the OFPEC homepage.

The Editors Depot houses tutorials, tools, scripts and reference materials which have been thoroughly tested and proven to be useful over the years, all ready for download.

The Missions Depot is a store of missions, made by members and submitted to OFPEC for review. We have Single Player and Multiplayer missions, as well as Campaigns.

The Addons Depot combines the aspects of the Editors Depot and Missions Depot for addon editing - there are tutorials, tools and other useful resources, as well as completed addons.

The Forum is similarly split into depots, dealing with general editing, missions and addons. Armed Assault boards are at the top, Operation Flashpoint and Elite follow. The board titles are fairly self explanatory, so to get a quick response make sure you post in the board most relevant to your question. If you inadvertantly post in the wrong place, a Moderator will move the thread to a more suitable board.

OFPEC has been on the go since early 2002, so chances are your question has already been asked. Before you post, use the search facility. It will save a lot of time.

Got News?

We like to keep up to date with what's happening in the Community, and if you have a story or event you want to advertise, get in touch with our Intel Admin savedbygrace.

Need Help?

Recruitment Lounge is the place to go to ask for help with a project, be it voice acting for your missions cutscene/in-game effects or advice and help making a cutscene. In short, if you require someone with skills that you do not possess, to help in your project, this is the place to ask.

Another part of the Recruitment Lounge is The List of Experts, this is a list of members who are ready and willing to help out on a specific aspect of your work, be it providing voices for your cutscenes, or graphics for your addon textures. If you have a more general request, make an entry in the Recruitment Lounge.

Want to Help?

There are various ways you can assist OFPEC:
  • Employably - We're always looking for fresh talent. If you are over 18 and have demonstrable skills in editing, and can spare a few hours a day, we want to hear from you.
  • Vocally - There are still editors out in the Community, especially those new to the game, who have not yet heard of OFPEC and are still struggling with their editing problems. Give them a nod in our direction!
  • Knowledgably - Our forum sees new questions posted every hour, and those questions need answers. If you've been developing a meisterwerk of an editing tool or script or function, let us host it for everyone's benefit!

What OFPEC is not

We don't handle technical support for Bohemia Interactive games: your best bet would be Bohemia Interactive themselves.

We don't encourage non-editing related discussion, and are fairly strict about enforcing this. As a consequence you will find only clear and concise content, and we think it's best that way.

We don't like seeing large signatures (including images), animated avatars or large quotes in posts, as it clutters things up and takes attention away from the real content. We have a few other guidelines which we've found generally help the clean information-based nature of the site - please read them and bear them in mind as you post.

And Finally...

Welcome once again to the site. We hope you find what you're looking for, and if you don't - just ask.
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