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Check if not in vehicle -> SOLUTION FOUND
« Reply #15 on: 04 Mar 2008, 22:59:00 »

I found the solution I was after, but... Spooner is right: The pilot gets out everytime, I beam him back into the chopper... He just doesn't want to stay in a chopper with 0 fuel.
pilot disableAI "MOVE" doesn't work to make him staying inside.
When I setfuel 1 right after I beamed him back in, he takes off and makes the boarding impossible...

Damn, so many days behind a solution and then, when I have it, it is useless. I should have heard earlier. :confused: So now I declare myself defeated and am open for new ideas for this extraction.
However I wanted something simpel rather than the extraction scripts, I found so far. They are way to complicated, I just need an simple evac for 2 men.

Ok, here's the right code to check, if a unit is not in a vehicle, if somebody needs it one day:

?!(pilot1helimission in helimission)

Actually its lebson506ths suggestion with an ? in front of it. Or did you mean it with the interrogation point, Lebson?

Well, thanks to all who helped me, I appreciate it! Thx, guys!
And sorry for one more double post, I just wanted to separate the solution from the lamentations above :)
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