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« on: 04 Nov 2007, 23:03:55 »
SPON Radar v0.1.0
- Released: 2007-11-04
- Install size: 367k (mostly an image of the console)+ SPON Core (Core v0.1.2 used in demo)
- 100% scripts
- No addon dependencies
- See attached README.html for full details

Sweeping radar which displays detected aircraft as blips (type seen from the 1950s). The detection range for the radar can be set from 1 to 350 km. The mission-maker can also set how fast the radar beam rotates and whether to show an unrealistic wire-frame map with the radar image.

Note that this initial release is more about the aesthetics than being a fully working version. There are significant inadequacies in the simulation which probably make it unusable. Also be aware that the demo isn't supposed to be a realistic setup; normally, you should only allow the player to look at the radar console in certain vehicles or buildings, rather than just walking about!

This script pack requires that SPON Core is installed.

    * An "old-school" radar display that shows a sweeping beam and blips where aircraft are detected. The position of blips is not updated until the radar beam sweeps past the aircraft again.
    * Radar range can be set from 1 to 350km, with appropriate ranging rings being overlaid on the display to aid the user.
    * The radar beam sweeps around the display at a specified speed (user configures the period, in seconds, of a full revolution).
    * Optionally, the radar will display a wire-frame map. This is unrealistic for this type of radar, but the option is available since it greatly aids comprehension.

    * Does not "see" any sort of missiles at the current time.
    * Aircraft that couldn't really be detected by a single radar are still seen (No line-of-sight calculations made / non-moving or perpendicularly moving objects can still be detected).

Known Bugs
    * Sometimes the blip for an aircraft is not displayed on a particular sweep. I'm not sure if this is because it is getting too low or whether my maths is bad. Still, I will look into it.

    * Allow nautical miles/knots as units (instead of the default km/kmph displayed).
    * Allow the user to choose bi-directional radar beams (so you get 2 sweeping lines on the display, rather than just one).
    * Correctly model line-of-sight for radar, to allow mountains and similar terrain features to block detection.
    * Since a single (non-arrayed) doppler radar, set to remove background (non-moving) elements, cannot detect perpendicularly moving, or stationary, targets, simulate this properly.
    * Allow smaller targets (e.g. MH-6 Littlebird) to be harder to detect than larger ones (e.g. UH-60 Blackhawk or aeroplanes), especially at longer ranges.
    * Allow user to alter the radar range within the dialog (limited to ranges that have been configured).
    * Make compatible with maps other than Sahrani (most of the script would work on any map, but some of the markers would be displayed at the wrong size).
    * Extend the script to simulate a variety of alternative radar types:
          o A more "modern" computerised display, showing each aircraft's velocity, height (ASL) and, for friendly aircraft, IFF information (like information on the type of aircraft and pilot name).
          o Nautical radar, which doesn't filter out non-moving "clutter".

Design Aims
    * Create a generally realistic simulation of radar, rather than the unrealistic, "gamey", radar currently available in the game.
    * Avoid addons, in favour of scripting, as far as possible. 100% scripts!

    * Original inspiration, testing, suggestions and console image provided by Myke13021.
    * Significant testing and feedback by members of the Regiment of Grenadier Guards [RGG] squad ( Thanks fellas!
    * Additional testing and suggestions by [seven].

Change Log

First release.

Get SPON Radar
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« Reply #1 on: 01 Jul 2008, 21:05:59 »
Oh please make this into a modern day radar. Possibly make it so it can be used in conjunction with mando missiles for sir to air combat as well as a ground controller version :)
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« Reply #2 on: 16 Dec 2008, 16:17:15 »
I think this would work extremely well as a radar for ships.