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Author Topic: The Living Island Project  (Read 1594 times)

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The Living Island Project
« on: 01 Dec 2009, 06:05:47 »
Hi all
Its time to make a new mission and ive already started

Its called Living Island  

Im using some of the effect scripts from my BattleField2 Missions
The Use cars scripts
The Revive Scripts
The Medic Script
The Spectator Scripts
And a few more

Also im converting the Ammodrop Script from my SupportV2 Script

Im using a new script that i wrote to respawn the AI which does work
like a charm.

As the name suggests , The Island has got a life.
It have civilian AI moving around and doing things.
Ie Jogging,Driving,Riding Bikes and Motorbikes.
Giving each other a lift, Climbing ladders and checking out
houses and everywhere they can go inside of or on top of,
and doing whatever AI like to do.

When your driving or riding you can even pick them up.
But be careful as some of the Civilian AI are suicide bombers
and terrorist's.

Then you got EAST and Resistance they dont like each other much.
So there fighting with what ever vehicles they can find.

So that then leaves West which you get to play :).
Both EAST and Resistance realy hate you and would rather have you dead.

So thats the core of the mission.
And it is working better then well.
I had it running on a dedicated server for 15 hours with 120 AI and
it stayed at the same FPS and the memory only grew by 10 MB

Where to from here
As i said this is the Core of the Mission not the Mission itself.

I have been sent, But not looked at yet , A Medal system where you get Medals
and Higher Rank , This is the kind of thing i want to use, Get rewards for doing well
Lose them for killing team mates and Civilians.  

One mission will be to find and destroy a small army.

I want to add many little missions that would suite.

So instead of me posting up 100 unfinished missions with little changes
i thought i would ask for ideas of missions and things you would like to see in a mission

If you want a sneek peek at the work so far, Look for my testing server
Its only small :( , and only runs when im testing and scripting.
Which is most evenings AUSTRALIAN time.
Even if your ping is very bad it will be ok. as i said its a test server
its always good to test under a load.

ArmA2 Server
[ZDS] Zonekillers Testing Server


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Re: The Living Island Project
« Reply #1 on: 01 Dec 2009, 14:23:56 »
That's a huge challenge you've taken, and I look forward to seeing your results.  I'll keep an eye out for your server.

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Re: The Living Island Project
« Reply #2 on: 03 Dec 2009, 02:23:38 »
Please attach the mission here or I will move the topic to the mission discussion area.
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Re: The Living Island Project
« Reply #3 on: 03 Dec 2009, 12:01:19 »
if thats where its ment to be then please do move it

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Re: The Living Island Project
« Reply #4 on: 04 Dec 2009, 05:21:15 »
Please also note in your title, which game and version you are building in. For those who would like to offer feedback, thanks.

How about offering the core of what you have as a stand alone so that others could use it in their missions as well. You could then offer it as a mod which could include sound files with misc chatter among civy's as well as a host of ambient sound files. Folks could contribute their voices for your implementation and truly bring the mod to life. I have also a few ideas that are doable....
  • All phone booth classses have addactions to call taxis, which are spawned in relevant position to each booth in the call parameter [Booth name or id#, coordinate for vehicle setpos] execvm (or exec) taxiservice.sqm (sqs).
    The taxi could then move to the booths position and then be joined to the players group for control once the player gets in. Every meter travelled could cost a specific amount of funds, and once the player steps out of the vehicle, the cab joins its own group, doors lock and money is automatically deducted.
  • A working transit bus system which travels predetermined routes(simple, easy to nav routes) and costs the player funds as well.
Just a couple, if your interested.

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Re: The Living Island Project
« Reply #5 on: 04 Dec 2009, 10:57:00 »

hey them some realy cool ideas

i was going to do that bus route thing but for the life of me i could not find the bus stop class names

im still trying to get the ai to act the way i want "guess im gonna have to learn FSM"

its still a war map so rank and points will be the system for now . still have not got that happening yet.

suicide bombers and terrorist are working well tho and AI checking out houses and useing vehicles is working great.

keeping the action high and the cpu usage low is also working out well.

im making a ver for both islands just to see the differences so far its only the mission.sqm file

when i got something to put up i will but at this stage no one has joined my server even to have a look so

again i guess im just doing this for myself

if i get an intrest yea i will do something if not well......